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Topic: Free Downloads

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DJ Anoebis / suntrip records in the Mix- Free GOA DJ Sets download
<SPAN class=text>

Joske, a 24 year old Belgian Goa trance maniac and dj :) I'm almost finishing my studies to become a teacher and well, except of that the most important thing in my life must be trance-music and my friends :)

Goa Trance is a passion since '98 and in the mean time I have my own label <A href="http://www.suntriprecords.com/" target=_blank>Suntrip Records and yes yes... also <A href="http://www.myspace.com/suntriprecords" target=_blank>a myspace suntrip homepage together with Fabien (Mars) of psynews. I'm also a trance collector, so for other collectors, here is my <A href="http://www.discogs.com/user/anoebis" target=_blank>discogs!

<SPAN class=text>

<FONT face=Arial color=black size=+2>Dj Activities + free dj sets for download! :)

<HR width="75%" noShade SIZE=5>

Because most people know the Anoebis-name as a dj, I will start with that chapter! :) So well, I started dj-ing in 1999 simply because I was bored with the minimal music played o­n trance parties back then... So I wanted to give an alternative... Maximal melodic music! I had my first real gig o­n newyear 2000 (yeah, what a start of the new millennium!) and since then it went like a train. Untill 2002 I played like o­nce every month, but since 2003 I play almost every weekend, sometimes even more... But I love it so you won't hear me complain about that! :) So what can you expect when you book me as a dj? Well, it depends o­n what you want! :) I play 4 different styles in fact...

1. The most famous style I play is of course melodic goa trance... Because I have access to loads of good promo's via my records label I can always play the newest unreleased melodic goa trance tracks! Of course mixed with known and unknown older tracks of the golden years (95-99)! If you want to hear some mixes of me... Well, there are 2 mixes available in this style... the first is a mad acidic goa trance mix for the peak of the party for download <A href="ftp://ftp.psychedelic.be/psymix/Anoebis_-_oldschool_11_-_de_zotte_mix.mp3" target=_blank>here...

The second is for the warming up of a party... Starting but ending o­n 144 BPM! It is available <A href="ftp://ftp.psychedelic.be/psymix/Anoebis_-_Downtempo_old_school.mp3" target=_blank>here :)

2. Another style I play is dark forest trance... mainly Swedish music with loads of dark organic sounds and hidden melodies... Groups like Ka-Sol and Derango etc... :) Because this is far away from regular Anoebis music I change my name for those dj-sets to Skeleton Hex! Like that everyone knows what to expect... If you want to know what forest trance is for me... There is a dj set for download <A href="ftp://ftp.psychedelic.be/psymix/Anoebis_-_Skeleton_Hex_-_bosmuziekjes.mp3" target=_blank>here

3. Suomisaundi... The weird music mainly made in Australia and Finland... Mostly still melodic but very funky and filled with madness! Groups like Texas Faggot, Scozbor, Salakavala,... :) This is a relatively new genre but I fell in love with it completely and love to play it as well! :) Unfortunately no promo mix available at this moment, but soon I will upload o­ne, and you'll find it here then ;)

4. The older I become, the more I like it! :) Well, I love emotional and ethnic ambient... Deep music for soft minded people... music that enters your brain like a storm altough it is soft as feathers... :) Unfortunately there are not many chill outs o­n Belgian parties, but i'd love to play it! :) For a promotional mix... Have a look <A href="http://www.suntriprecords.com/media/mix/Anoebis_Ambient_Mix_200512.mp3" target=_blank>here :)

Free Download Goa Trance Mixes: ( right click o­n mouse and select save as )

> download <A href="ftp://ftp.psychedelic.be/psymix/Anoebis_-_Downtempo_old_school.mp3" target=_blank>Free Goa Trance Mix here :) + <A href="ftp://ftp.psychedelic.be/psymix/Anoebis_-_oldschool_11_-_de_zotte_mix.mp3" target=_blank>here...
> download ambient mix here : <A href="http://www.suntriprecords.com/media/mix/Anoebis_Ambient_Mix_200512.mp3" target=_blank>here :)
> download emotional darkpsy mix : <A href="ftp://ftp.psychedelic.be/psymix/Anoebis_-_Skeleton_Hex_-_bosmuziekjes.mp3" target=_blank>here

<DIV id=profile_bandschedule>http://www.myspace.com/anoebis


geschrieben von: dr1ft am Friday, August 17, 2007 - 03:19 PM (3585 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

Real Time Psychedelic Journeys by apocalypse inc.

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1>These free downloadable Files are realtime executable Programs called "demos".

They are coded and made by the "Undergound Demo Scene."  

You have to download , unpack and than execute by just click o­n the "*.exe" File . A superior psychedelic Journey like a Video Clip will start o­n your Screen ! All coding by http://ainc.de/ THx 2 the "Scene" This is no Movie nor Avi !

 (right click - save as) + unpack + execute !

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1><IMG height=96 src="http://ainc.de/Demos/Fee1s.jpg" width=128 border=1><IMG height=96 src="http://ainc.de/Demos/Fee2s.jpg" width=128 border=1><IMG height=96 src="http://ainc.de/Demos/Fee3s.jpg" width=128 border=1>

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1><IMG height=96 src="http://ainc.de/Demos/Fee4s.jpg" width=128 border=1><IMG height=96 src="http://ainc.de/Demos/Fee5s.jpg" width=128 border=1>

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1>requires:

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1>.ibm-pc (700mhz+)
.opengl accelerator recommended

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1>features:

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1>.too much ideas and (just) some nice meshes ;)
.psy soundtrack by em-cee
.1st (of 2) place in the 0a000h 2k3 pc-demo-compo

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1><FONT size=-1><A href="http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=8713" target=_BLANK>read review o­n the pouet-page
<A href="http://www.technologyvault.co.uk/news/Stories/2003/02/01/10440864201.shtml" target=_BLANK>read review o­n the technology vault

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1>
232 (final)
 (right click - save as) + unpack + execute !

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1><IMG height=96 src="http://ainc.de/Demos/2321s.jpg" width=128 border=1><IMG height=96 src="http://ainc.de/Demos/2323s.jpg" width=128 border=1><IMG height=96 src="http://ainc.de/Demos/2322s.jpg" width=128 border=1>

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1><IMG height=96 src="http://ainc.de/Demos/2324s.jpg" width=128 border=1><IMG height=96 src="http://ainc.de/Demos/2325s.jpg" width=128 border=1><IMG height=96 src="http://ainc.de/Demos/2326s.jpg" width=128 border=1>

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1>requires:

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1>.ibm-pc (500mhz+)
.opengl accelerator recommended

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1>features:

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1>.too much features to mention ;)
.rockkkking psy soundtrack by <A href="http://em-cee.de/" target=_BLANK>em-cee
.8th (of 28) place in the mekka 2k1 pc-demo-compo

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1>.final version delivers a workaround for
buggy sb-live/pci/.. cards/drivers

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1>
 (right click - save as) + unpack + execute !

<IMG height=96 src="http://ainc.de/Demos/3431s.jpg" width=128 border=1>
<IMG height=96 src="http://ainc.de/Demos/3433s.jpg" width=128 border=1><IMG height=96 src="http://ainc.de/Demos/3434s.jpg" width=128 border=1>

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1><IMG height=96 src="http://ainc.de/Demos/3435s.jpg" width=128 border=1><IMG height=96 src="http://ainc.de/Demos/3432s.jpg" width=128 border=1>

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1>requires:

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1>.ibm-pc (500mhz+)
.opengl accelerator recommended

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1>features:

<FONT face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size=+1>.started and finished o­n the partyplace ;)
.psy soundtrack by biotic
.4th (of 9) place in the 0a000h 2k2 pc-demo-compo

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Wednesday, August 08, 2007 - 02:03 PM (2470 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

> Afgin < released some Killer Free goa trance tracks 2007
hello pepole,in that link u can download 10 full goa tracks i have made over the past year,enjoy the music and keep the goa trance alive...

download from : <A href="http://www.megaupload.com/il/?d=CP1JV321" target=_blank>http://www.megaupload.com/il/?d=CP1JV321

(u have to wait 45 sec,than click with the mouse after the 45 sec ends...)



in some countries you need to use www.the-cloak.com to download :

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Monday, August 06, 2007 - 08:43 PM (2504 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

Favorites: aquatica - artha live set 02-05-2007-

Great Goatrance artist from Poland  

aquatica - artha live set DOWNLOAD 02-05-2007



1. artha - controlled
2. artha - mahabharta
3. artha - dna
4. artha - astral body
5. artha - saikol
6. artha - ginnus
7. artha - sannjasin
8. hallucinogen - gamma goblins [artha remix]
9. artha - el.es.di.

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Monday, August 06, 2007 - 08:36 PM (3503 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

Download Astral Projection / Filteria etc. Free Fullmoon DVD

Second New Oldschool Goa-trance Mix from dj Ghost
 Dancing in the moonlight with fireflies - Oldschool Mix


1. Afgin - Salton [Golden Vibes, Old is Gold, 2007]
2. Vox - Inner Polarity [Inner Polarity, Metapsychic Records, 2007]
3. Subra - Shomervan, [Golden Vibes, Old is Gold, 2007]
4. Jikooha - Bay Hall Magic [unreleased, 2007]
5. Filteria - Unfiltered (Moon Remix) [Heliopolis, Suntrip Records, 2006]
6. Red Gravity - Momentary 29 [Twist Dreams, Suntrip Records, 2007]
7. Ypsilon 5 - Titanium [Apsara, Suntrip Records, 2005]
8. Transwave - Flamicogyre [Backfire, 3D Vision Records, 2007]
9. Bypass Unit - Nanosphere Courier [Dropz Of Obscure Eclipses, Music Research, 1999]
10. Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization (Filteria Higher Remix) [Heliopolis, Suntrip Records, 2006]

Zum Download: http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=YRBTT4GI

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Monday, August 06, 2007 - 08:09 PM (2440 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

Wake up Ganesha : Real Goatrance Mix 2007
<SPAN class=postbody>Wake up Ganesha

Style: Oldschool/Newschool GoaTrance Mostly Netlabel Stuff
Geschwindigkeit: 145 BPM

Left click !!!

Download: <A class=postlink href="http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=CQS79U6D" target=_blank>http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=CQS79U6D


X. Interpret - Tracktitel [Album, Label, Erscheinungsjahr]

1. Khetzal - Bells of Sarnaeth [Corolle, Suntrip Records, 2005]
2. Cosmic Silence - Psy Spirit [Twist Dreams, Suntrip Records, 2007]
3. Goasia - Ready! [Apsara, Suntrip Records, 2005]
4. Vox - Over the Clouds [Inner Polarity, Metapsychic Records, 2007]
5. Taika Kim - Stone_Age_Technology_Space_Age_Tools [Goddess Guerilla, Aavepyörä Records, 2006]
6. Psygone - Camaro Kanitou [Optimystique, Hypnotic, 1998]
7. Lost Buddha - In Love With A Godess [Trip To Dreamland, Alien Community, 2006]
8. Mindsphere - Molecular Restructive [Pyramidal Trancendence, Metapsychic Records, 2006]
9. Mindsphere - Inner Cyclone [unreleased, 2006]
10. Filteria - Screaming Butterfly (Filteria RMX) [unreleased, 2004]
the new real goa trance music resurection is comming and we will support the scene with a very special event soon ... check psypix.org for regulary updates o­n this dream !

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Monday, August 06, 2007 - 06:57 PM (2687 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

DJ Basilisk - Live at Dark Matter 2

<IMG class=cover alt="" src="http://www.ektoplazm.com/gallery2/d/10746-2/dj-basilisk-live-at-dark-matter-2.jpg">

<DIV class=tracklist><SPAN class=n>

01 :: <SPAN class=a>Logic Bomb - <SPAN class=t>Life Is A Progressbar <SPAN class=l>[Solstice]
<SPAN class=n>02 :: <SPAN class=a>Seroxat - <SPAN class=t>Dark Days <SPAN class=l>[Noize Conspiracy]
<SPAN class=n>03 :: <SPAN class=a>Phatmatix - <SPAN class=t>Samurai <SPAN class=l>[Yabai]
<SPAN class=n>04 :: <SPAN class=a>CPU - <SPAN class=t>Dark Matter <SPAN class=l>[Materia]
<SPAN class=n>05 :: <SPAN class=a>Shift - <SPAN class=t>Cerebral Cortex <SPAN class=r>(Remix) <SPAN class=l>[Noize Conspiracy]
<SPAN class=n>06 :: <SPAN class=a>NRS - <SPAN class=t>Dark Deeds <SPAN class=l>[Last Possible Solution]
<SPAN class=n>07 :: <SPAN class=a>Penta - <SPAN class=t>Tollkorn <SPAN class=l>[Dropout]
<SPAN class=n>08 :: <SPAN class=a>Hux Flux - <SPAN class=t>Post 100 <SPAN class=l>[Mind Funk]
<SPAN class=n>09 :: <SPAN class=a>Hujaboy - <SPAN class=t>Party Animals <SPAN class=l>[TIP World]
<SPAN class=n>10 :: <SPAN class=a>Infected Mushroom - <SPAN class=t>Vicious Delicious <SPAN class=l>[BNE]
<SPAN class=n>11 :: <SPAN class=a>Xerox & Illumination - <SPAN class=t>The Beast Within <SPAN class=l>[Hom-Mega]
<SPAN class=n>12 :: <SPAN class=a>Space Cat vs Dimitri Nakov - <SPAN class=t>Techno Logic <SPAN class=l>[Solstice]
<SPAN class=n>13 :: <SPAN class=a>Electric Universe - <SPAN class=t>In Common Fabrics <SPAN class=l>[Planet B.E.N.]
<SPAN class=n>14 :: <SPAN class=a>Aphid Moon - <SPAN class=t>Another Planet <SPAN class=l>[Groove Criminals]
<SPAN class=n>15 :: <SPAN class=a>Space Cat - <SPAN class=t>Kreak Part 2 <SPAN class=l>[H2O]
<SPAN class=n>16 :: <SPAN class=a>Mekkanikka - <SPAN class=t>Flam It <SPAN class=l>[Nutek]
<SPAN class=n>17 :: <SPAN class=a>Talamasca - <SPAN class=t>Roswell Mania <SPAN class=l>[Mind Control]
<SPAN class=n>18 :: <SPAN class=a>Prometheus - <SPAN class=t>9th (The Man Who Swam Through A Speaker) <SPAN class=l>[Twisted]
<SPAN class=n>19 :: <SPAN class=a>Altöm vs Wizzy Noise - <SPAN class=t>Fifty-Fifty <SPAN class=l>[Liquid & Solid]
<SPAN class=n>20 :: <SPAN class=a>Logic Bomb - <SPAN class=t>Ansi <SPAN class=l>[Solstice]

nice set by the master of desaster from ektoplazm

Free Music / Ektoplazm )

Since I had a wicked time DJing at <A class=liinternal href="http://www.ektoplazm.com/events/dark-matter-2/">Dark Matter 2 o­n June 9th, 2007, I am very glad to say that the live recording of my set turned out well enough to warrant sharing it! This set features several different styles of full-on psychedelic trance, moving from dark and aggressive beats through a series of heavy hitters into an upbeat and euphoric conclusion. With a full two hours to work with, I was able to orchestrate a complete tour of the harmonic spectrum, eventually ending with a song from Logic Bomb’s new album, just as the set began. I would like to dedicate this o­ne to all those who came out o­n Saturday and gave their best o­n the dance floor. It was a small party, but it seemed like we all had a blast! Enjoy the tunes!

<SPAN class=download_links>(<A class=liexternal href="http://www.free604.com/files/basilisk/DJ%20Basilisk%20-%20Live%20at%20Dark%20Matter%202.mp3" target=_blank>Download <SPAN class=dim>:: <A class=liinternal href="http://www.ektoplazm.com/tracker/torrents/DJ_Basilisk_-_Live_at_Dark_Matter_2_-_2007_-_MP3.torrent">Torrent <SPAN class=dim>:: 

Mixed & Arranged by: <A class=liinternal href="http://www.ektoplazm.com/profiles/basilisk">DJ Basilisk
Size: 215MB
Format: 256k MP3
Length: 117 minutes
Recorded: June 9th, 2007
Photo Credit: Trance Chick

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Tuesday, July 10, 2007 - 12:26 PM (2694 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

Free Goa Album Nolax
 hi, friends of goa trance <IMG style="VERTICAL-ALIGN: middle" alt=smile.gif src="http://www.psynews.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif" border=0 emoid=":)">

check out my oldschool goa tracks:

<A href="http://devel.mitsch.cc/Nolax_-_Persistence_2007.rar" target=_blank>http://devel.mitsch.cc/Nolax_-_Persistence_2007.rar

<IMG class=linked-image src="http://christoph.mitsch.cc/upload/persistencecover.jpg" border=0>

<IMG class=linked-image src="http://christoph.mitsch.cc/upload/persistence_back.jpg" border=0>

Track List:

01 pareidolia
02 we already were o­n mars
03 androids do dream
04 autofab
05 confusion
06 lepton head 3 remix
07 we are the spoon
08 silence of the drums

Austrian producer <A class=liexternal href="http://christoph.mitsch.cc/" target=_blank>Nolax (Christoph Mitsch) independently released his debut album Persistence back in February of 2007. After receiving an abundance of positive feedback from listeners around the world, Nolax returned to his studio to polish and tweak his creation. Persistence 2.0 is the result: a new version of the original release featuring additional bonus material and improved sound quality.

Persistence 2.0 is firmly entrenched in the old school revivalist movement. Nolax draws upon the Eastern mystique of mid-nineties Goa trance while composing fluttering cosmic melodies and luscious atmospheric panoramas. Nowhere is this more evident than in his remake of Shakta’s classic song Lepton Head, originally released in 1996. As a result, this album emanates a genuine quality that is sure to be appreciated by all fans of old school Goa trance.

<SPAN class=download_links>NEW : (<A class=liinternal href="http://www.ektoplazm.com/files/Nolax%20-%20Persistence%202.0%20-%202007%20-%20MP3.rar">Download <SPAN class=dim>:: <A class=liexternal href="http://christoph.mitsch.cc/?n=164" target=_blank>Link)

Persistence 2.0 is available for download in <A class=liinternal href="http://www.ektoplazm.com/files/Nolax%20-%20Persistence%202.0%20-%202007%20-%20MP3.rar">VBR MP3 format, with the promise of a CD release to come later this year. If you enjoy this album be sure to provide some feedback! <A class=liexternal href="http://christoph.mitsch.cc/" target=_blank>Nolax can be reached at <A class=limailto href="mailto:nolax@quantentunnel.de">nolax@quantentunnel.de.

<A href="http://devel.mitsch.cc/00_nolax_-_persistence_-_2007_cdcover_front.jpg" target=_blank>front
<A href="http://devel.mitsch.cc/00_nolax_-_persistence_-_2007_cdcover_back.jpg" target=_blank>back


geschrieben von: dr1ft am Monday, July 09, 2007 - 05:10 PM (2609 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

Trip Andes ... a dark journey into Bolivia.
<IMG class=cover alt="" src="http://www.ektoplazm.com/gallery2/d/11055-2/andes-trip.jpg"> <DIV class=tracklist><SPAN class=n>01 :: <SPAN class=a>Le Guide - <SPAN class=t>La Redada <SPAN class=d>6:40
<SPAN class=n>02 :: <SPAN class=a>Erofex - <SPAN class=t>Andes Train <SPAN class=d>8:03
<SPAN class=n>03 :: <SPAN class=a>Erofex & Lattus - <SPAN class=t>Tetrix <SPAN class=d>7:33
<SPAN class=n>04 :: <SPAN class=a>Deep South - <SPAN class=t>Fight Club <SPAN class=d>7:51
<SPAN class=n>05 :: <SPAN class=a>Erofex & Malice in Wonderland - <SPAN class=t>Moon Valley <SPAN class=d>7:11
<SPAN class=n>06 :: <SPAN class=a>Lattus - <SPAN class=t>Time Internal Travel <SPAN class=d>7:50
<SPAN class=n>07 :: <SPAN class=a>Necropsycho - <SPAN class=t>Ignorance Voice <SPAN class=d>7:41
<SPAN class=n>08 :: <SPAN class=a>Elektrogen - <SPAN class=t>Neurofractal <SPAN class=d>6:57
<SPAN class=n>09 :: <SPAN class=a>Dark Fox - <SPAN class=t>El Yoga del Sueño <SPAN class=d>6:26

<A class=liexternal href="http://neurotrance.org/pafiledb/index.php?act=view&id=8" target=_blank>Andes Trip is the first freely distributed release from <A class=liexternal href="http://www.neurotrance.org/" target=_blank>Neurotrance Records, an organization based in La Paz, Bolivia. Compiled and mastered by <A class=liexternal href="http://www.erofex.tk/" target=_blank>Erofex, with art by Heidacraft, Andes Trip features nine ripping tracks primarily attributed to Bolivian artists. The style is an intense form of full-on psychedelic trance designed to evoke the experience of partying outdoors amongst the soaring mountains, pristine lakes, and high-altitude valleys of the Andes. As such, this compilation is another heartening reminder of the global influence of psychedelic trance culture.

<SPAN class=download_links>(<A class=liexternal href="http://www.archive.org/download/V.A_-_Andes_Trip/V.A_-_Andes_Trip-2007.rar" target=_blank>Download <SPAN class=dim>:: <A class=liexternal href="http://neurotrance.org/pafiledb/index.php?act=view&id=8" target=_blank>Link)

Andes Trip is licensed under the Creative Commons (<A class=liexternal href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/" target=_blank>BY-NC-ND 3.0) and available in 320k MP3 format direct from <A class=liexternal href="http://www.archive.org/details/V.A_-_Andes_Trip" target=_blank>archive.org (<A class=liexternal href="http://www.sendspace.com/file/bnwp6f" target=_blank>mirror 1 / <A class=liexternal href="http://files.filefront.com//;7928085;;/" target=_blank>mirror 2 / <A class=liexternal href="http://rapidshare.com/files/40077762/V.A_-_Andes_Trip-2007.part1.rar.html" target=_blank>mirror 3). A <A class=liexternal href="http://www.archive.org/details/V.A_-_Andes_Trip_preview" target=_blank>one minute preview is also available. If you enjoy this release, Erofex has some music <A class=liexternal href="http://www.cytopia.org/band.php?BandNo=87&" target=_blank>for sale o­n Cytopia, and the free compilation <A class=liinternal href="http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/hispanodelia/">Hispanodelia might also be of interest.


geschrieben von: dr1ft am Monday, July 09, 2007 - 03:42 PM (2492 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

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