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Psychedelic Favorites

Goa Trance: NEO GOA-Trance Mix from Ghost on Acid


Here is the tracklist:

1. Ra - Gateway Eight | Suntrip Records | 2008
2. Zolphinia - Fifth Dimension | Phototropic Records | 2008
3. Psylent Buddhi - Lunar Core | 1997
4. Astral Projection feat. MFG - Radical Blur | T.I.P. Records | 1996
5. Magic & Witchcraft - Stareye | Ektoplazm | 2008
6. Liquid Flow - Phase Shift | Shivlink Records | 2007
7. Radical Distortion - The Dreamer | Suntrip Records | 2008
8. Pan Psychic - Vishnu Avatars | Sun Station | 2007
9. K.O.B. - Missing some Marvles | Old is Gold | 2008
10. Liquid Flow - Artificial Paradise | Shivlink Records | 2007
11. Diaks - Seths Betrayal | unreleased | 2008
12. Goasia - Taboo | Suntrip Records | 2007
13. Cosmo Circle - The Truth is Out There | Ektoplazm | 2008
14. Yudhisthira - Nara - Hari | Glowing Flame Records | 2008
15. E-Mantra - Voyager II | Suntrip Records | 2008

Download: Here

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Free Downloads

Oldschool: Goa dj set Dj Marcodelix

Goa Trance: New School GOA-TRANCE mix by ANOEBIS (SUNTRIP RECORDS) !


Goa Trance is a passion since '98 and in the mean time I have my own label Suntrip Records and yes yes... also a myspace suntrip homepage together with Fabien (Mars) of psynews. I'm also a trance collector, so for other collectors, here is my discogs!

1. Artha - forgot the name, it was on his site for download
2. group X (from some unknown DAT :s)
3. E-Mantra - Voyager 2
4. Group X (from some unknown DAT :s)
5. Psychopod - from the Headlines EP
6. Biot - Radiation
7. Witchcraft - Whale
8. MFG - Psychic Resonator
9. Infernal Machine - Nocturnal Chainsaw Kerfuffle
10.Shakta - from Silicon Trip (track 6 I think)
11. Afgin - ???? You'll hear on his album

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Free Downloads

Goa Trance: Free GOA LIVESET artha (poland) stay psychedelic crew

Artha - Live at (L)ets(S)ee(D)ragon (18-04-2008) (right click - save as)

or go to http://staypsychedelic.pl/fusion/downloads.php?cat_id=4

01. Artha - Vocal Distortion
02. Artha - Signs
03. Artha - Arthosaur
04. Artha - Saikol
05. Artha - Awatara
06. Artha - Controlled
07. Artha - Mystic Change
08. Artha - Mahabharta
09. Artha - DNA

check this video also : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osAaAvCqFcw


ARTHA. Born in 1979 in Poland.

style: goa-trance, psychedelic-trance

I became acquainted with eletronic music as a child listening to artists like Jean Michel Jarre or Vangelis. It was through electronic, techno, trance and listening to Hallucinogen's "Twisted" album that I discovered psychedelic trance. Hallucinogen, S.U.N. Project, Space Tribe, Pleiadians - these were my beginnings in psychedelic sounds.


Artha is a STAY PSYCHEDELIC member - creative polish psytrance project





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Favorites: Cybernetika - New Release Nanospheric
Cybernetika presents Nanospheric

Germanys most talented "Newcomer" Producer in the last Years with a deep sense for tru & deep GOA-Trance vibes. Njoy the new ALbum and check the last 3 Albums also !!!

All free - All killer !

:: Plasmoid (14:47)
02 :: The Outer Reach (10:44)
03 :: Earthshock (12:44)
04 :: Nanospheric (15:01)
05 :: Praeforma (8:27)
06 :: Finale (8:23)

Nanospheric is the fourth album from Cybernetika, an independent German producer from Cologne. Since 2003 he has been writing many different types of electronic music with science fiction influences: psychedelic trance, techno, industrial, and drum ‘n bass. Hints of these other styles can be heard on Nanospheric, but it is primarily an atmospheric psytrance album with a heavy emphasis on story-telling. Cybernetika begins the tale with a virtual epigram:

“Both universe and infinitesimal particle, the Nanospheric is an abstract construct beyond our imagination and comprehension. It is a machine deity that forms matter in its own will.”

This album was written in FL Studio, mastered with Wavelab, and features cover artwork by Angie Fouquette.

Download here in Wav / flac / mp3 via Ectoplazm

more free music hrer on http://www.cybernetika.de/


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Goa Trance: Spiral Connection - New Psy/Goa track by Q.P.A

Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio
Song Name:
Spiral Connection [No Cycles, only Spirals]
Length: 06:21 min
Psychedelic/Goa Trance
Cover Art: Alahuin
Free Download:
Full length song, 192kbps mp3 (requires registering with my site)
2 min Preview: Click here (Direct link to mp3 file)
Full length Previews:

My comment:
Definitely Goa inspired. Melancholia and minor arpeggios. Floating in the Gothic psy ether. If this isn't psytrance I will eat my old socks. Enjoy!

geschrieben von: qubenzis am Wednesday, January 07, 2009 - 05:14 PM (6615 Aufrufe)

Favorites: First free Ektoplazm released : Organic Circuitry

Ektoplazm a killer Netlabel Blog from Canada released their first Free Psy Compilation !

01 :: Ekoplex - The Alchemist (7:50)
02 :: Magic & Witchcraft - Superstructure (7:40)
03 :: Felis - Unknowledged Knowledge (7:27)
04 :: Jikkenteki vs Katapult (PAR-2) - Swamp Monster (7:32)
05 :: Clone - Perseids (8:16)
06 :: EvsY - Fennomaniac's Delight (7:46)
07 :: Intriga - Lost Cause (9:35)
08 :: Jikooha - Galaxy Journey (7:48)
09 :: Filteria - The Predator (2907 Remix) (8:04)
10 :: Phobosphere - Intersection 2060 (7:16)

Free WAV / Flac / mp3 Donwload here on Ektolazm

"a free compilation to rival the quality standards of a commercial release. We did things a bit differently, however: the focus turned to music which is sometimes under-appreciated by the existing commercial label apparatus. Since they've been spooked by the phantasm of file-sharing and seen their sales figures plummet, many labels have become extremely risk-averse. We're the complete opposite--we've got just about nothing to lose! :) And so, care was taken to choose quality songs that express something different and non-standard; something a little more free--in both senses of the word!"


geschrieben von: dr1ft am Tuesday, December 16, 2008 - 05:10 PM (8442 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

Favorites: 10Years IsraTrance Free Compilation
01 :: OOOD - Alpha Relaxation (Edit) (7:39)
02 :: Aerospace feat. K-Pax - Drops (8:24)
03 :: Kino Oko - Skillfully Oratory (7:34)
04 :: N.A.S.A. - Addicted To Sin (7:41)
05 :: Minimal Criminal - Mr. Miyagi (7:58)
06 :: Sensient - 3rd Dimension (11:00)
07 :: Hujaboy - Too Much Too Soon (7:07)
08 :: E-Jekt - Commited (7:49)
09 :: Mubali - Line Of Rationality (7:14)
10 :: Filteria - The Snail Keeps Crawling... (9:42)
this compilation reflects the diversity of cultures, tastes, and opinions regularly expressed at IsraTrance. You will hear ambient, minimal, progressive, full-on, darkpsy, and even a touch of new school Goa trance at the very end
Get it here for free download  ... in Wav, Flac , mp3

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Goa Trance: GOASIA Live @ EXIT 05 - Goa Trance Mix Download

 Goasia - Live


Event: Exit 2005
Place: Novi Sad, Serbia
Day: First Day of the Festival (07.07.2005)
Stage: Progressive stage (www.HappyNoviSad.co.yu)
Artist: Goasia (Balint & Kanc)
Style: Goa Trance
Time release: 00:00h - 01:00h
Performance: Live
Organisation: SoundMute.org
Link: www.goasia-project.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/goasiaproject
Label: Unicorn Music, Suntrip Records



geschrieben von: dr1ft am Wednesday, October 22, 2008 - 04:00 PM (4873 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

Dark & Deep: OPSY/Soundmute : Psychedelic Techno! and wicked forest sound from serbia

SoundMute organization is a community of trance artists in Balkan and in world.
Originally, it was formed to prolong the electronic culture and then the artists as well as their work in the world of music.

It was formed in 2003 by two DJs and producers, Vladislav Radulovic aka Kanc Cover and Goran Velemirov aka Cortex Gotech. Up to till 2006, SoundMute was doing party promotions where domestic artists of the trance scene were being presented.

In the year 2006, Lara came in SoundMute. The organization changes it exposure on the scene and actively starts doing promotions, mainly of artists and labels. It presents the music as releases, live and DJ performances of its artists and labels, as well as reviewing released albums and compilations of various labels.

Today, SoundMute comprises even more trance, as well as tech house artists in purpose of their promotion. All about members and performers, you can find on the official site of the organization.
Soundmute.org and the label here

Some wicked mixes by OPSY aka Kanc Cover one founder of Soundmute and also part of Goasia. check the OPSY Artist Site on Soundmute here for downloading the mixes!

Behind the OPSY project is Vladislav Radulovic aka Kanc Cover (1979) from Cacak/Belgrade, Serbia, the man who is also in projects called X-Raything and Goasia. Was also member of the Tech House project Dirty Cover till he started solo project. Newly formed project OPSY (founded in June 2006) is in fact a mixture of night psy sound with the eventual mechanical motives expressed in the form of ambient FXs and with tech groove.

 OPSY Exclusive DJ Set for Wicked Forest

 Artist: Kanc Cover aka Opsy
Title: Wicked Forest fest mix recorded for Wickedforest.org
Duration: 97 min
Size: 177 mb
Bit Rate: 128 kbps
Organisation: SoundMute.org
Info: www.myspace.com/orbitalpsy
Labels: www.UltivaRecords.com, www.DivineBalance.com
Web: www.WickedForest.org
 Track list:
01. ManMadeMan - The Path (Ultiva Records)
02. Nuclear Ramjet - iBrator (Digital Diamonds records)
03. ManMadeMan - We Are Not Alone (Free To Listen)
04. Black Machine - Wrong Way (Mechanical Dragon records)
05. ManMadeMan - WoW Wow (Free To Listen)
06. Nuclear Ramjet - Liquified (Digital Diamonds records)
07. Epi Centrum - Epi Centrum (Mechanical Dragon records)
08. Opsy - Dig A Hole (Ultiva records)
09. Midi Miliz - Stalker (Boshke Beats Records)
10. Triac - Concrete Waves (Ear Peaks Music Group)
11. Tromesa - Brama (Spiral Trax)
12. Son Kite - Drifesraft (goa head 14)
13. Gothica - Beats and Breaks (Mechanical Dragon records)
14. Opsy & X-Raything - Are You A Fighter (Unrelease)


Artist: Kanc Cover aka Opsy
Title: Psychedelic Techno Vinyl Mix (Opsy DJ set)
Beat Rate: 256 kbps
BPM: 136 - 142
Genere: Tech Trance
Size: 176 MB
Duration: 93 min
Organisation: SoundMute
Tracklist: Inside ID Tag (Winamp ALT+3)
Web: www.SoundMute.org
MySpace: www.myspace.com/orbitalpsy

Track List:
01. Boo Reka - Snail
02. PPS Project - Microwork
03. PPS Project - Katatonic
04. C.O.N. Sequencer - Stereo Phonix
05. Sesto Sento - O.B. Beats
06. Boo Reka - Corrupt Data Factory
07. Mittelstandskinder ohne Strom - DeadFlat
08. Spirallianz - bp talk
09. Wizzy Noise - 500 KM
10. Kox Box - Side Effect
11. Midi Milliz - No Exit
12. Midi Milliz - The Secret Dynasty
13. Mittelstandskinder ohne Strom - Timing
14. Boo Reka - Control
15. Kox Box - Voice Of



check the OPSY Artist Site on Soundmute here for downloading the mixes!



Artist: Kanc Cover
Title: GoodMorning Freax Mix
Bitrate: 192kbps
BPM: 135-146
Genre: Morning FullOn
Size: 261 MB
Duration: 190 min
Organisation: SoundMute.org
Jingle Support: Sonya Bailey (manmademan.com)
Track List: Inside of ID Tag (WinAmp ALT+3)
Web: www.soundmute.org
MySpace: www.myspace.com/orbitalpsy




Artist: Kanc Cover
Title: Let's Night Together Mix
Bitrate: 192kbps
BPM: 135-144
Genre: Night PsyTrance
Size: 243 MB
Duration: 177 min
Organisation: SoundMute.org
Jingle Support: Sonya Bailey (manmademan.com)
Track List:Inside of ID Tag (WinAmp ALT+3)
Web: www.soundmute.org
MySpace: www.myspace.com/orbitalpsy


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Free Downloads

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