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Psychedelic Favorites

Favorites: Astral_Projection_vs_MFG_-_Nintrance_DJ Mix Goatrance Oldskool

Real Oldschool Goatrance Mix : ( Astral Projection  Nintrance Megamix) Oldschool

 Download Listen Goatrance Mix Astral Projection vs MFG Live 59.01 mb

njoy the NEW Download Link 04/2008..

. Download real Goatrance Mix from Astral Projection here 

(right - click - save as )

This is a Killer for real ... feel it YEAHHHHHHH

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Free Downloads

2 Free V.A. Psytrance Releases from Cosmik Flower Records ..a Goa-trance netlabel !
<TD class=tx2> <TD class=tx2> <TD class=tx2> <TD class=tx2> <TD class=tx2> 
<TD class=dcap>Project<TD class=dcap>Info  <TD class=dcap>Track<TD class=dcap>Download<TD colSpan=5><HR color=#444444 noShade SIZE=1><TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://www.cybernetika.de/" target=_blank>Cybernetika<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>Chatnik<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://www.psychoface-rec.com/artists/extazya/extazya.htm" target=_blank>extAzya<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>StrezZ<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://www.bigbacterials.hu/" target=_blank>Big Bacterials<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://electromonk.2.ag/" target=_blank>ElectroMonk<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>Faxi Nadu and Spka<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>Mindcrawlers<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>Secret Side<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>Chaotic Synthetics<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>Calamus at Mental Ballagan<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://www.psycoctale.50g.com/" target=_blank>Spacer<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>Specter<TD colSpan=5><HR class=mt0 color=#444444 noShade SIZE=1><TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://pzyko.page.tl/" target=_blank>Pzyko<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." 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href="http://satanicelectro.2.ag/" target=_blank>SatanicElectro<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>Nhjohyennro<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>Kodama Wat<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://www.myspace.com/cronodevir" target=_blank>Cronodevir<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>TempestuousG ElectroMonk  <TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://www.psycollab.org/" target=_blank>Nomis<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://www.myspace.com/mentris" target=_blank>Mentris<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>Zeyon<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>Celluloid Dmage<TD colSpan=4><HR class=mt0 color=#444444 noShade SIZE=1><TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>Filip Miler<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>Roberto Romero<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>Unk!<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>Yawning Master<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://www.swanx1.net/" target=_blank>Swan X-1<TD class=tx2><A title="HomePage ..." href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite/info/noinfo.html" target=_blank>Sparkunian<TD colSpan=4><HR class=mt0 color=#444444 noShade SIZE=1> <TABLE class=fileFormats><TD class=fileTitleHeader>Whole Item<TD class=fileTitle>Cosmic_Flower_-_xmas_compo__2006_128kb.m3u<TD class=fileTitle>128kbps M3U<TD class=fileTitle>Cosmic_Flower_-_xmas_compo__2006_64kb.m3u<TD class=fileTitle>64Kbps M3U<TD class=fileTitle>Cosmic_Flower_-_xmas_compo__2006_64kb_mp3.zip<TD class=fileTitle>64Kbps MP3 ZIP<TD class=fileTitle>Cosmic_Flower_-_xmas_compo__2006_vbr.m3u<TD class=fileTitle>VBR M3U<TD class=fileTitle>Cosmic_Flower_-_xmas_compo__2006_vbr_mp3.zip<TD class=fileTitle>VBR ZIP

<A class=ltx title="VA MARGUERITE 2006 [jitrocel] .mp3 downloads" href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/va_marguerite.html">VA MARGUERITE 2006 [jitrocel]

First compilation of free COSMIC FLOWER Crew came with 36 various goa/psytrance tracks with o­ne ethno chill track by Deus Ex.Machina takes you to the relax and deepest site of your mind.

Four parts, started from First : : : twisted psytrance tracks continued to deeper atmospheres Second : : : continued to goa, relax Third : : : returned back to deep, funky, bouncy tracks and final Fourth : : : relax your mind and complete this first release of COSMIC FLOWER sky trans.

We would like to thank every artist for his track, what we released o­n this compilation for you for free. We respect them for their work and support of this colourful way of music.  

<TABLE class=dtmn1 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0>
InfoTerror o­n TVDownload
InfoShamanas GardenDownload
InfoPsy TraumaDownload
InfoGetting HighDownload
InfoThe OthersDownload
InfoAu_Dela du ReelDownload
InfoFreaky MutantDownload
InfoFlower Of Life(RMX)Download
InfoTrance PulseDownload
InfoFuckin' Lebowski's AssDownload
InfoSolipsistic DriftDownload
InfoThe Time Take All AwayDownload
InfoRudram The Nature Of ShivaDownload
<A title=Info href="http://www.psypix.org/nuke/javascript­:displayWindow('info/kalki.html',380,450);">InfoAncient SunriseDownload
InfoStrike part 5Download
InfoBurn CycleDownload
InfoGoa IndiaDownload
InfoLost In SpaceDownload
Infode kleiner TripDownload
InfoStepgnome 13.9Download
InfoE-motional UnderflowDownload
InfoSexcuse MeDownload
InfoMind IllusionDownload
InfoWhite MagikDownload
InfoIdor NektarDownload
 Archive .rar - 2 parts (Megaupload)<A title=Part1 href="http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SBBR3BPL" target=_blank>P1 248 MB
  <A title=Part2 href="http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JWH83ZNH" target=_blank>P2 236 MB
 Playlist (50g).m3u
 Cover (Archive)Cover TIF

<A class=ltx title="XMAS COMPO 2006 - Psy Eve [nitrocell] .mp3 downloads" href="http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/xmas2006.html" target=main>XMAS COMPO 2006 - Psy Eve [nitrocell]

We started this year 2006 a Psy music netlabel COSMIC FLOWER RECORDS and returned back to come with second free compilation at the end of year.

We present talented musicians from around the world, in four parts. Intro : : : from Deepest Forest, through Melodic Beach Wibes by Elmooht and Dudi Main : : : punchy tracks which will give you maximum experience of xmas days

Outro Evening : : : for chillin' with Filip Miler and Spacer

Outro Night : : : Elmooht, "The Body at Fort Randall Dam"

We uploaded next series of free mp3 download tracks and keep free spirit.

<TABLE class=dtmn1 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0>
Info4th DimensionDownload
InfoPsychedelic bombDownload
InfoFight The FutureDownload
InfoHypothesis SpaceDownload
InfoShivamoon (sun cult edit)Download
InfoActive BrainDownload
InfoTrip Above the OrbitDownload
InfoPijanci (Hagenith Rmx)Download
InfoRipple EffectDownload
InfoPuer AeternusDownload
InfoFreakout Part 1Download
InfoAwakening (S-Cube remix)Download
InfoMoshenal StreesDownload
InfoBlack HoleDownload
InfoThe ArcDownload
InfoWhat Do You WantDownload
<A title=Info href="http://www.psypix.org/nuke/javascript­:displayWindow('info/dosta.html',380,450);">InfoToo SexyDownload
InfoOldrama [Just 4 U]Download
InfoTo Spring And BackDownload
InfoFlowers and SunDownload
InfoThe Body at Fort Randall DamDownload
 Archive .rar - 2 parts (Megaupload)<A title=Part1 href="http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1PNZNQVR" target=_blank>P1 166 MB
  <A title=Part2 href="http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7U0WKVB4" target=_blank>P2 218 MB
 CoverCover .zip


Cosmik Flower Records - Free Goa-Trance Netlabel

via http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/index1.html 

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Tuesday, February 27, 2007 - 11:11 PM (3640 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

Free mixed psytrance downloads from russia
Russian psychedelic trance DJ-SET's, МИКСЫ

DJ Arkanoid - Live @ Space Board Open Air
DJ B-Zer - Live @ X-Dream Paty
DJ Gabriel - Live @ Analog ***** Party
DJ Iridium -Live @ Portal To The Future(Ambient)
<FONT color=#ffd700>DJ Kayla' - Tourist Map of Goa 3 (Mix)
DJ Next - Live @ Infected Mushroom PartyNEW
DJ Nowhereman - Photopsia (Mix)
DJ Pitch - Live @ Waiting for the Sun Open Air
DJ Pubert - Live @ Adrenaline
DJ Sadius - Live @ Infected Mushroom PartyNEW
DJ Sashi - Live @ Aquamarine 2
DJ Skynet - Live @ Back To The Future Open Air
DJ Sprusmus - Live @ Adrenaline
DJ SunGirl - Live @ Halloween 2006
DJ Tomas 303 - Live @ Orbita Re:Rave 8 1/2
DJ Tony Lizard vs DJ Lenin - Live @ 3-Bute Party
DJ Trancer - Back to the Space (Mix)
DJ Urri - Live @ Infected Mushroom PartyNEW
DJ Yo-Yo - Rainbows Mix
DJ Z-Cat - Live @ Urban Open Air part.2

via http://www.psychedelic.ru/music/live.shtml

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Tuesday, February 27, 2007 - 10:55 PM (2990 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

Goa-Trance is back > MFG! > Message from GOD released
<TD style="PADDING-RIGHT: 10px; PADDING-LEFT: 10px; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; PADDING-TOP: 0px" vAlign=top width="100%"><P style="MARGIN: 0px" align=justify>HOMmegas erster release von 2006 ist das lang erwartete album der psytrance pioniere MFG - Message From God  Guy Zukrel (aka Passenger) & Aharon Segal haben sich wieder vereint und schicken uns auf eine wundervolle reise durch old school trance gemixt mit atmosphärischen new wave und industrial beats.
Die erste live performance von "Message From God" nach rückkehr des alt- und gut-bekannten duos in die psytrance szene war an der 5-jahres-jubiläum party von Nandan - Maharaya V - im 2005 in Oberwald (VS).

<IMG title=Image height=282 alt=Image hspace=6 src="http://www.nandanproduction.com/mambo/images/stories/mfga1.jpg" width=340 align=center border=0>

MFG <P style="FONT-WEIGHT: normal; FONT-SIZE: 9pt; MARGIN: 10px 10px 0px 0px; font-face: arial" align=justify>Guy Zukrel and Aharon Segal have been writing and releasing superb trance music for almost 10 years. They released 4 albums: 'The prophecy' (1996), 'New kind of world' (1997), 'Project genesis' (1998) and 'The message' (2000). Guy also released a solo album under the artist name Passenger - 'For all mankind' (1999). Since their release, the duo has played live gigs globally in U.S.A, Denmark, Ibiza, U.K, Greece, France, Sweden and Portugal. M.F.G. are first and foremost great versatile musicians who know how to manipulate their keyboards to form their unique and loved sounds and are considered o­ne of the most important psy trance groups of the 90's. Now, After 4 years of silence, Guy Zukrel and Aharon Segal are back together with their brand new 5th album - 'Message From God'. They have already performed with their new music live in Belgium, Switzerland and Denmark where they experienced a great feedback and massive fanbase. Their first track for the new album - 'Shining faces', has already been licensed by DJ John 00 Fleming for his new compilation 'White Label Republic'.

MFG! > Message from GOD

<IMG title=Image height=124 alt=Image hspace=6 src="http://www.nandanproduction.com/mambo/images/stories/mfg1.jpg" width=142 border=0>

<SPAN class=titlesYellow>TRACK LIST:

1. Save yourselves
2. For the future of man-kind
3. Shining faces
4. Positive energy
5. In search of truth
6. The world is a narrow bridge
7. Enlightment
8. Life is a strange journey
9. Shma Israel

<P style="FONT-WEIGHT: normal; FONT-SIZE: 9pt; MARGIN: 10px 10px 0px 0px; font-face: arial" align=justify><TABLE cellSpacing=5 cellPadding=0>

> http://www.hommega.com/artist.php?artistID=28021

> check the Shop or  Player (on the Topright side) for this Release

What is Goa Trance ?

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goa_trance >

  • <A class=internal title="Astral Projection Mahadeva.ogg" href="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/59/Astral_Projection_Mahadeva.ogg">Download sample "Mahadeva" - Astral Projection
  • <A class=internal title="Etnica Mystical Experiences in Goa.ogg" href="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d8/Etnica_Mystical_Experiences_in_Goa.ogg">Download sample "Mystical Appearance in Goa" - <A title=Etnica href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etnica">Etnica
  • <A class=internal title="Talamasca Sinai.ogg" href="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/3e/Talamasca_Sinai.ogg">Download sample "Sinai" - Talamasca
  • <A class=internal title="Cosmosis Gift of the Gods.ogg" href="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/fd/Cosmosis_Gift_of_the_Gods.ogg">Download sample "Gift of the Gods" - <A title=Cosmosis href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmosis">Cosmosis
  • <A class=internal title="Man With No Name Teleport.ogg" href="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/34/Man_With_No_Name_Teleport.ogg">Download sample "Teleport" - Man With No Name
  • <A class=internal title="The Muses Rapt Spiritual Healing.ogg" href="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/c0/The_Muses_Rapt_Spiritual_Healing.ogg">Download sample "Spiritual Healing" - The Muses Rapt
  • <A class=internal title="Ubar Tmar feat Dj Dan Dan the tale of taketori.ogg" href="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/ed/Ubar_Tmar_feat_Dj_Dan_Dan_the_tale_of_taketori.ogg">Download sample "The Tale of Taketori" - Ubar Tmar
  • <A class=internal title="Shakta The Neuromancer.ogg" href="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f4/Shakta_The_Neuromancer.ogg">Download sample "The Neuromancer" - Shakta

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Friday, February 23, 2007 - 09:57 PM (3992 Aufrufe)

http://www.antiscarp.com/ Suomitrance specialities
<TD width=396 height=21><DIV align=center>1.Nigth Outside <TD colSpan=2 height=250 rowSpan=18> <TD width=396 bgColor=#000000 height=21><DIV align=center>2.Natural Rebellion <TD width=396 height=21><DIV align=center>3.Pineal Power
<TD width=396 height=21><DIV align=center>4.Colletive Unconciousnes <TD width=396 height=21><DIV align=center>5.Cosmic Comedian <TD width=396 height=20><DIV align=center>6.Trance24<TD width=396 height=19><DIV align=center>7.Uddiversity<TD width=396 height=19><DIV align=center>8.Burning Inside RMX <TD width=396 height=19><DIV align=center>9.Freedback
10.Feeling Is Knowing


<SPAN class=style1><P align=center>

Suomitrance specialities from Finland electronic music producers
providing Antiscarp music for all freakadelic listeners worldwide.
Freestyle Psysounds & Dancefloor Pumping Beats.
Antiscarp records is taken care by team Antiscarp
and its been o­nline since 2001.
Antiscarp has been from the beginning
providing loads of Antiscarped tunes for free download
made by group of finnish trance acts .
<SPAN class=style1>Globally downloadable for free.
Now also launching CD -releases
as first release named Various Artists: compilation
Speaker Grease,
containing weird & psychedelic dancemusic.

<P align=center>
<SPAN class=style1>contact,artists infos, bookings, etc. stuff:
or booking@antiscarp.com

<SPAN class=style1><A href="http://www.myspace.com/antiscarp" target=_blank>www.myspace.com/antiscarp

<FONT color=#ffcc66>www.ANTISCARP.com 

Lastest Release

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0>

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Friday, February 23, 2007 - 09:51 PM (3124 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

Free Killer Download > MPRCD02 - Vox - Innerpolarity
<DIV class=fwBlogEntryTitle><SPAN o­nmouseover="this.style.cursor='pointer'" style="CURSOR: default" o­nclick="document.location='http://www.metapsychicrecords.com/index.htm?blogentryid=1127801'" o­nmouseout="this.style.cursor='default'">MPRCD02 - Vox - Innerpolarity<DIV class=fwBlogEntryDate>Monday, Jan 8, 2007
<DIV class=fwBlogEntryBody><FONT size=2>Our next release will be "Vox - Innerpolarity" , an association with http://Soundmute.org. Vox is a Goa-Trance artist from Croatia , born in 1976.
This new talent will sure please lots of the old skool goa maniacs!
This album is also mastered by Kanc , o­ne of the members of the popular Goasia project , and the cover aswel.

We are happy to announce our second release with Vox, a outstanding Goa Trance producer. You can download the .mp3 version of this release o­n these places:

NEW!: <FONT color=#ffffff>10mbit .se (thanks raccoon)
<FONT color=#ffffff>10mbit .se > download here !
<FONT color=#ffffff>OC-48
<FONT color=#ffffff>Sendspace
<FONT color=#ffffff>Filehosting.cc

Bittorrent is available o­n this page:
<FONT color=#ffffff>The Pirate Bay

And here´s the front cover:

<FONT size=2>

<IMG style="WIDTH: 413px; HEIGHT: 394px" src="http://www.metapsychicrecords.com/vox%20cover.jpg" border=0>

<FONT size=2>

<FONT size=2><FONT size=3>Tracklist:

<FONT style="FONT-FAMILY: verdana" size=2>01 - Analog heaven  7:34
02 - Atmosfear       7:35
03 - Behind the wheel  9:56
04 - Over the clouds  8:14
05 - Mayana    8:43
06 - Euphoria (with DJ Steve)   8:53
07 - City of black lights   8:07
08 - Inner polarity   7:54<FONT size=2>


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Free Downloads

Lost Buddha : Free Goa Trance Ep Release + Interview
<TH scope=col><DIV align=justify><IMG alt=xs src="http://img455.imageshack.us/img455/2798/untitledsx5.jpg"> <P align=justify><IMG style="WIDTH: 286px; HEIGHT: 291px" alt=s src="http://www.metapsychicrecords.com/Lost-Buddha---Ataraxia-EP.gif" border=0>
<FONT size=2>
<FONT size=2>Catalog: MPREP01
Genre: Goa
Format: CD Slim Case (MP3 192kpbs)
Price : Free (Avaiable for Download)
Current Status: Released

01. (00:09:08) Lost Buddha - Ataraxia 144BPM
02. (00:09:34) Lost Buddha - Southern Oracle 141BPM

<A href="http://www.manshora.net/~rewt/Lost_Buddha_-_Ataraxia_EP_-_Metapsychic_Records-2006.rar" target=_blank><FONT color=#ff0000>http://www.manshora.net/~rewt/Lost_Buddha_-_Ataraxia_EP_-_Metapsychic_Records-2006.rar

<A href="http://www.goagubbar.nl/Lost_Buddha_-_Ataraxia_EP_-_Metapsychic_Records-2006.rar" target=_blank><FONT color=#ff0000>http://www.goagubbar.nl/Lost_Buddha_-_Ataraxia_EP_-_Metapsychic_Records-2006.rar

<FONT size=2>
Playing Time.........: 00:18:42

(C)2006 Written and Produced by Filipe Santos
<P align=justify>Interview > "my 1st album will be o­n Metapsychic Records (for free) "  <P align=justify>kim0: First,introduction time. Just tell more about you.

<P align=justify>Hehehe,ok. I am Filipe , i have 22 years old and im from Lisbon , Portugal , currently living o­n Northern Ireland.

<P align=justify>kim0: What do u think,can Goa hit back?

<P align=justify>I always believed in the "Ressurection" , always believed o­n it since i started to produce goa . i always have been bashed by the portuguese fullon producers saying that : "its old , nobody likes that! " or "you´ll never be able to be released with that music." these are o­nly a small percentage of the quotes i have in mind , but i always struggled for what i like , what i love ,i have to show what the movement needs , not what the public say i need , because i am the artist and i have the power.
Goa can hit back indeed , i am sure that are so many people out there in the world that love the old style and the old sounds that brought so much to them , so yes i believe we can have our small corner and simply have fun and enjoy 

<P align=justify>kim0: Now,lets talk about music. How did it all start and why?

<P align=justify>It started back in 96-97 when i was in school , i was crazy about electronic sounds , and i was specially insane by the TB-303 sound , the ACID (in that time i didnt know what was it called). Then a school mate of my class gave me a tape , i used to use a tape walkman in that time too (oh yea the good ol´times hehe) , then i started to listen to the tape and then i got sooo damn amazed by the melodies because they were arabic , egyptian , eastern melodies, and i was so in love with those melodies that i instantly fell in love with that music , i never got to know what was that genre of music , i even asked my school mate but he didnt know cause it was o­ne of his brother´s tapes.
Then after a lot of listenings the tape got wrecked and i never got to know what was that music genre till i met a friend of my brother´s in the year 2000 , he got this VA-Goa Head vol-12 , as soon as i listened to RA- Initiated , i got to know what was that music i had o­n tape and then boom , thats how i got to know it was called "Goa-Trance".

<P align=justify>I decided to make goa-trance cause i simply loved the harmony in the music and the eastern melodies . That was the enough to give me the feeling to start doing it by my way , cause sometimes i was listening to some goa tunes and i always tought : "if it would be me i would do this in the song , i would to that o­n the song .." etc..

<P align=justify>kimo: And can u tell us who is ur Goa God,who influenced you the most?

<P align=justify>All of the artists.

<P align=justify>Cause everyone contributed to what i am now , I love Asia 2001 , Miranda , RA , Cyan , Cosmosis , Psygone , MFG , Space Tribe , Hallucinogen , Transwave ,Amanite FX , almost all of them really , i have no Goa God , just because all of them are the Goa Gods. 

<P align=justify>kim0: So where do you find inspiration for melodies?

<P align=justify>Nowhere really , most of the people are always saying i sound like this artist , that artist ,but the thing is that all the melodies i do come from me , i have to admit i was heavly influenced by the old skool sound , but nowadays i barely listen to Goa music , most of the times i just sit o­n the computer and start composing . Then the music just starts building by itself! 
kim0: yeah,u dont have problems with that,for sure

<P align=justify>Yeah, I dont. 

<P align=justify>Its good if sometimes people say i remind them MFG or any other group , thats o­ne of the reasons i produce goa , its always good to feel some nostalgia. 

<P align=justify>Full Interview > click more !

<TABLE width="80%" border=0>

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Soulcipse 2006 Turkey in the Morning : )
<object height=350 width=425>

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Psy Video

OIL CUT RECORDINGS > home of EIJI > Free Liveacts

<IMG alt="" hspace=0 src="http://oilcutrec.com/psybaba1.jpg" align=baseline border=0>

home of EIJI



more >

http://oilcutrec.com/ + http://oilcutrec.com/mp3.html

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Free Downloads

Free Real Goa-Trance Compilation : Pyramidal Trancendence

<A title="Permanent Link to Pyramidal Trancendence" href="http://www.ektoplazm.com/audio/pyramidal-trancendence/" rel=bookmark>
Pyramidal Trancendence
<FONT size=2>( more free Audio Psy Releases )

01 :: Sine Die - The Shaman Trip
02 :: Astrancer - Dzog Chen
03 :: Mindsphere - Molecular Restrictive
04 :: Travma - Zaman
05 :: Ethereal - Stream of Life (2006 Mix)
06 :: Aura - Walk o­n Earth
07 :: Lost Buddha - Lost in Paradise
08 :: Infinite Dimensions - Far Beyond the Stars
09 :: Afgin - Tribute to the Sun

Download here in MP3 or Full Wav for FREE !

<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000" face=Arial color=#000000 size=1>The debut compilation from netlabel Metapsychic Records has just been released! Pyramidal Trancendence, available in high-quality MP3 and WAV formats, is an impressive piece of work, charting a course through the mystic realms of spiritual Goa trance. Nine artists provide modern interpretations of the classic style popularized by bands such as Etnica and Astral Projection ten years ago.

<FONT face=Arial color=#000000 size=1>Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this release is the sheer quality of the music and presentation. With an excellent cover design by Astrancer and professional mastering by Kenneth of Colorbox, Pyramidal Trancendence comes closer to the quality standards of a physical release than any other freebie I have promoted through my site thus far. Filipe Santos (Lost Buddha), Cosmogenesis, Martin Marinov, and everyone at Metapsychic have done an excellent job reviving the hopes of classic Goa trance fans worldwide with this excellent compilation release!

Download it direct from http://www.goagubbar.nl, or leech the MP3 or WAV versions with BitTorrent straight from Ektoplazm! I am sure that everyone involved would appreciate comments and feedback, so leave over to Psynews to share a few words. Enjoy!

<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000" face=Arial color=#000000 size=1>GOA is still alive!

<FONT face=Arial color=#000000 size=1>Metapsychic records would like to thank the following people for their
help and support:
Yohan a.k.a "Noda/Sine Die":
http://www.noda.free.fr (France)
Bruno "Astrancer":
http://fiberonline.uol.com.br/artista.php?id=1822 (Brazil)
Ali "Mindsphere":
http://www.psyturk.com (Turkey)
Enver "Travma":
http://www.travma-psychedelic.com (Turkey)
http://ethereal.recallbeats.co.uk (Sweden)
Erik & Christian "Aura":
http://www.auratrance.com (Sweden)
Filipe "Lost Buddha":
http://www.myspace.com/lostbuddhagoa (Portugal/U.K.)
Dave "Infinite Dimensions":
http://www.infinite-dimensions.co.uk (U.K.)
Elad "Afgin":
http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/633/ (Israel)

<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000" face=Arial color=#000000 size=1>Metapsychic records presents its first release, "Pyramidal Trancendence".
A wonderful psychic odyssey with multiple symbols, meanings and concepts.
This compilation is an artistic interpretation of each listener/dancer's state
of mind, when the goa sound enters its intellect and touches in all its senses.
The first 5 pieces begin with a progressive spiritual & emotional ascension
until the top of the pyramid, where this character (the listener) tries to
reach the ether, which is, the seventh sky.
His cardiac pulsation, like the bpm's of the tracks, becomes faster until he
gets trancended and feels, the stream of life. Then, in the last 4 tracks,
he starts to walk down the pyramid, step by step, until he reaches the earth
once again.
He realizes that, at that moment, in the end of this experience, that he has
lived a sublime and peaceful journey. The transition between darkness and
light, between sadness and euphoric/happy feeling. The sensitive touch during
the listening of this VA is intentional.
"Pyramidal Trancendence" was made to deliver this subsconscious message which
is hidden in every goa listener:
despite the dark times that the goa music lives, we're all still keeping the
secret positive hope of a new goa resurrection.<FONT size=2>

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Free Downloads

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