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Psychedelic Favorites

Second New Oldschool Goa-trance Mix from dj Ghost
 Dancing in the moonlight with fireflies - Oldschool Mix


1. Afgin - Salton [Golden Vibes, Old is Gold, 2007]
2. Vox - Inner Polarity [Inner Polarity, Metapsychic Records, 2007]
3. Subra - Shomervan, [Golden Vibes, Old is Gold, 2007]
4. Jikooha - Bay Hall Magic [unreleased, 2007]
5. Filteria - Unfiltered (Moon Remix) [Heliopolis, Suntrip Records, 2006]
6. Red Gravity - Momentary 29 [Twist Dreams, Suntrip Records, 2007]
7. Ypsilon 5 - Titanium [Apsara, Suntrip Records, 2005]
8. Transwave - Flamicogyre [Backfire, 3D Vision Records, 2007]
9. Bypass Unit - Nanosphere Courier [Dropz Of Obscure Eclipses, Music Research, 1999]
10. Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization (Filteria Higher Remix) [Heliopolis, Suntrip Records, 2006]

Zum Download: http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=YRBTT4GI

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Wake up Ganesha : Real Goatrance Mix 2007
<SPAN class=postbody>Wake up Ganesha

Style: Oldschool/Newschool GoaTrance Mostly Netlabel Stuff
Geschwindigkeit: 145 BPM

Left click !!!

Download: <A class=postlink href="http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=CQS79U6D" target=_blank>http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=CQS79U6D


X. Interpret - Tracktitel [Album, Label, Erscheinungsjahr]

1. Khetzal - Bells of Sarnaeth [Corolle, Suntrip Records, 2005]
2. Cosmic Silence - Psy Spirit [Twist Dreams, Suntrip Records, 2007]
3. Goasia - Ready! [Apsara, Suntrip Records, 2005]
4. Vox - Over the Clouds [Inner Polarity, Metapsychic Records, 2007]
5. Taika Kim - Stone_Age_Technology_Space_Age_Tools [Goddess Guerilla, Aavepyörä Records, 2006]
6. Psygone - Camaro Kanitou [Optimystique, Hypnotic, 1998]
7. Lost Buddha - In Love With A Godess [Trip To Dreamland, Alien Community, 2006]
8. Mindsphere - Molecular Restructive [Pyramidal Trancendence, Metapsychic Records, 2006]
9. Mindsphere - Inner Cyclone [unreleased, 2006]
10. Filteria - Screaming Butterfly (Filteria RMX) [unreleased, 2004]
the new real goa trance music resurection is comming and we will support the scene with a very special event soon ... check psypix.org for regulary updates o­n this dream !

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Monday, August 06, 2007 - 06:57 PM (2993 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

DJ Basilisk - Live at Dark Matter 2

<IMG class=cover alt="" src="http://www.ektoplazm.com/gallery2/d/10746-2/dj-basilisk-live-at-dark-matter-2.jpg">

<DIV class=tracklist><SPAN class=n>

01 :: <SPAN class=a>Logic Bomb - <SPAN class=t>Life Is A Progressbar <SPAN class=l>[Solstice]
<SPAN class=n>02 :: <SPAN class=a>Seroxat - <SPAN class=t>Dark Days <SPAN class=l>[Noize Conspiracy]
<SPAN class=n>03 :: <SPAN class=a>Phatmatix - <SPAN class=t>Samurai <SPAN class=l>[Yabai]
<SPAN class=n>04 :: <SPAN class=a>CPU - <SPAN class=t>Dark Matter <SPAN class=l>[Materia]
<SPAN class=n>05 :: <SPAN class=a>Shift - <SPAN class=t>Cerebral Cortex <SPAN class=r>(Remix) <SPAN class=l>[Noize Conspiracy]
<SPAN class=n>06 :: <SPAN class=a>NRS - <SPAN class=t>Dark Deeds <SPAN class=l>[Last Possible Solution]
<SPAN class=n>07 :: <SPAN class=a>Penta - <SPAN class=t>Tollkorn <SPAN class=l>[Dropout]
<SPAN class=n>08 :: <SPAN class=a>Hux Flux - <SPAN class=t>Post 100 <SPAN class=l>[Mind Funk]
<SPAN class=n>09 :: <SPAN class=a>Hujaboy - <SPAN class=t>Party Animals <SPAN class=l>[TIP World]
<SPAN class=n>10 :: <SPAN class=a>Infected Mushroom - <SPAN class=t>Vicious Delicious <SPAN class=l>[BNE]
<SPAN class=n>11 :: <SPAN class=a>Xerox & Illumination - <SPAN class=t>The Beast Within <SPAN class=l>[Hom-Mega]
<SPAN class=n>12 :: <SPAN class=a>Space Cat vs Dimitri Nakov - <SPAN class=t>Techno Logic <SPAN class=l>[Solstice]
<SPAN class=n>13 :: <SPAN class=a>Electric Universe - <SPAN class=t>In Common Fabrics <SPAN class=l>[Planet B.E.N.]
<SPAN class=n>14 :: <SPAN class=a>Aphid Moon - <SPAN class=t>Another Planet <SPAN class=l>[Groove Criminals]
<SPAN class=n>15 :: <SPAN class=a>Space Cat - <SPAN class=t>Kreak Part 2 <SPAN class=l>[H2O]
<SPAN class=n>16 :: <SPAN class=a>Mekkanikka - <SPAN class=t>Flam It <SPAN class=l>[Nutek]
<SPAN class=n>17 :: <SPAN class=a>Talamasca - <SPAN class=t>Roswell Mania <SPAN class=l>[Mind Control]
<SPAN class=n>18 :: <SPAN class=a>Prometheus - <SPAN class=t>9th (The Man Who Swam Through A Speaker) <SPAN class=l>[Twisted]
<SPAN class=n>19 :: <SPAN class=a>Altöm vs Wizzy Noise - <SPAN class=t>Fifty-Fifty <SPAN class=l>[Liquid & Solid]
<SPAN class=n>20 :: <SPAN class=a>Logic Bomb - <SPAN class=t>Ansi <SPAN class=l>[Solstice]

nice set by the master of desaster from ektoplazm

Free Music / Ektoplazm )

Since I had a wicked time DJing at <A class=liinternal href="http://www.ektoplazm.com/events/dark-matter-2/">Dark Matter 2 o­n June 9th, 2007, I am very glad to say that the live recording of my set turned out well enough to warrant sharing it! This set features several different styles of full-on psychedelic trance, moving from dark and aggressive beats through a series of heavy hitters into an upbeat and euphoric conclusion. With a full two hours to work with, I was able to orchestrate a complete tour of the harmonic spectrum, eventually ending with a song from Logic Bomb’s new album, just as the set began. I would like to dedicate this o­ne to all those who came out o­n Saturday and gave their best o­n the dance floor. It was a small party, but it seemed like we all had a blast! Enjoy the tunes!

<SPAN class=download_links>(<A class=liexternal href="http://www.free604.com/files/basilisk/DJ%20Basilisk%20-%20Live%20at%20Dark%20Matter%202.mp3" target=_blank>Download <SPAN class=dim>:: <A class=liinternal href="http://www.ektoplazm.com/tracker/torrents/DJ_Basilisk_-_Live_at_Dark_Matter_2_-_2007_-_MP3.torrent">Torrent <SPAN class=dim>:: 

Mixed & Arranged by: <A class=liinternal href="http://www.ektoplazm.com/profiles/basilisk">DJ Basilisk
Size: 215MB
Format: 256k MP3
Length: 117 minutes
Recorded: June 9th, 2007
Photo Credit: Trance Chick

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Tuesday, July 10, 2007 - 12:26 PM (3054 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

[4th MYCEL anniversary]
This being the 4th anniversary of QUEEN MYCEL and her
dedicated shrooms, we are grateful for having
experienced another year of extreme joy and fun.

No MYCEL anniversary without a nice BDay-Mix ... so

find it somewhere else ... ; )

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Monday, July 09, 2007 - 05:14 PM (2934 Aufrufe)

Free Goa Album Nolax
 hi, friends of goa trance <IMG style="VERTICAL-ALIGN: middle" alt=smile.gif src="http://www.psynews.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif" border=0 emoid=":)">

check out my oldschool goa tracks:

<A href="http://devel.mitsch.cc/Nolax_-_Persistence_2007.rar" target=_blank>http://devel.mitsch.cc/Nolax_-_Persistence_2007.rar

<IMG class=linked-image src="http://christoph.mitsch.cc/upload/persistencecover.jpg" border=0>

<IMG class=linked-image src="http://christoph.mitsch.cc/upload/persistence_back.jpg" border=0>

Track List:

01 pareidolia
02 we already were o­n mars
03 androids do dream
04 autofab
05 confusion
06 lepton head 3 remix
07 we are the spoon
08 silence of the drums

Austrian producer <A class=liexternal href="http://christoph.mitsch.cc/" target=_blank>Nolax (Christoph Mitsch) independently released his debut album Persistence back in February of 2007. After receiving an abundance of positive feedback from listeners around the world, Nolax returned to his studio to polish and tweak his creation. Persistence 2.0 is the result: a new version of the original release featuring additional bonus material and improved sound quality.

Persistence 2.0 is firmly entrenched in the old school revivalist movement. Nolax draws upon the Eastern mystique of mid-nineties Goa trance while composing fluttering cosmic melodies and luscious atmospheric panoramas. Nowhere is this more evident than in his remake of Shakta’s classic song Lepton Head, originally released in 1996. As a result, this album emanates a genuine quality that is sure to be appreciated by all fans of old school Goa trance.

<SPAN class=download_links>NEW : (<A class=liinternal href="http://www.ektoplazm.com/files/Nolax%20-%20Persistence%202.0%20-%202007%20-%20MP3.rar">Download <SPAN class=dim>:: <A class=liexternal href="http://christoph.mitsch.cc/?n=164" target=_blank>Link)

Persistence 2.0 is available for download in <A class=liinternal href="http://www.ektoplazm.com/files/Nolax%20-%20Persistence%202.0%20-%202007%20-%20MP3.rar">VBR MP3 format, with the promise of a CD release to come later this year. If you enjoy this album be sure to provide some feedback! <A class=liexternal href="http://christoph.mitsch.cc/" target=_blank>Nolax can be reached at <A class=limailto href="mailto:nolax@quantentunnel.de">nolax@quantentunnel.de.

<A href="http://devel.mitsch.cc/00_nolax_-_persistence_-_2007_cdcover_front.jpg" target=_blank>front
<A href="http://devel.mitsch.cc/00_nolax_-_persistence_-_2007_cdcover_back.jpg" target=_blank>back


geschrieben von: dr1ft am Monday, July 09, 2007 - 05:10 PM (2968 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

Trip Andes ... a dark journey into Bolivia.
<IMG class=cover alt="" src="http://www.ektoplazm.com/gallery2/d/11055-2/andes-trip.jpg"> <DIV class=tracklist><SPAN class=n>01 :: <SPAN class=a>Le Guide - <SPAN class=t>La Redada <SPAN class=d>6:40
<SPAN class=n>02 :: <SPAN class=a>Erofex - <SPAN class=t>Andes Train <SPAN class=d>8:03
<SPAN class=n>03 :: <SPAN class=a>Erofex & Lattus - <SPAN class=t>Tetrix <SPAN class=d>7:33
<SPAN class=n>04 :: <SPAN class=a>Deep South - <SPAN class=t>Fight Club <SPAN class=d>7:51
<SPAN class=n>05 :: <SPAN class=a>Erofex & Malice in Wonderland - <SPAN class=t>Moon Valley <SPAN class=d>7:11
<SPAN class=n>06 :: <SPAN class=a>Lattus - <SPAN class=t>Time Internal Travel <SPAN class=d>7:50
<SPAN class=n>07 :: <SPAN class=a>Necropsycho - <SPAN class=t>Ignorance Voice <SPAN class=d>7:41
<SPAN class=n>08 :: <SPAN class=a>Elektrogen - <SPAN class=t>Neurofractal <SPAN class=d>6:57
<SPAN class=n>09 :: <SPAN class=a>Dark Fox - <SPAN class=t>El Yoga del Sueño <SPAN class=d>6:26

<A class=liexternal href="http://neurotrance.org/pafiledb/index.php?act=view&id=8" target=_blank>Andes Trip is the first freely distributed release from <A class=liexternal href="http://www.neurotrance.org/" target=_blank>Neurotrance Records, an organization based in La Paz, Bolivia. Compiled and mastered by <A class=liexternal href="http://www.erofex.tk/" target=_blank>Erofex, with art by Heidacraft, Andes Trip features nine ripping tracks primarily attributed to Bolivian artists. The style is an intense form of full-on psychedelic trance designed to evoke the experience of partying outdoors amongst the soaring mountains, pristine lakes, and high-altitude valleys of the Andes. As such, this compilation is another heartening reminder of the global influence of psychedelic trance culture.

<SPAN class=download_links>(<A class=liexternal href="http://www.archive.org/download/V.A_-_Andes_Trip/V.A_-_Andes_Trip-2007.rar" target=_blank>Download <SPAN class=dim>:: <A class=liexternal href="http://neurotrance.org/pafiledb/index.php?act=view&id=8" target=_blank>Link)

Andes Trip is licensed under the Creative Commons (<A class=liexternal href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/" target=_blank>BY-NC-ND 3.0) and available in 320k MP3 format direct from <A class=liexternal href="http://www.archive.org/details/V.A_-_Andes_Trip" target=_blank>archive.org (<A class=liexternal href="http://www.sendspace.com/file/bnwp6f" target=_blank>mirror 1 / <A class=liexternal href="http://files.filefront.com//;7928085;;/" target=_blank>mirror 2 / <A class=liexternal href="http://rapidshare.com/files/40077762/V.A_-_Andes_Trip-2007.part1.rar.html" target=_blank>mirror 3). A <A class=liexternal href="http://www.archive.org/details/V.A_-_Andes_Trip_preview" target=_blank>one minute preview is also available. If you enjoy this release, Erofex has some music <A class=liexternal href="http://www.cytopia.org/band.php?BandNo=87&" target=_blank>for sale o­n Cytopia, and the free compilation <A class=liinternal href="http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/hispanodelia/">Hispanodelia might also be of interest.


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Free Downloads

Free Download Killer > Goatrance > V.A: Buddha Mantra > State of Spirit
 Free Download Killer > Goatrance > V.A: Buddha Mantra

<IMG class=cover alt="" src="http://www.ektoplazm.com/gallery2/d/10712-2/buddha-mantra-state-of-spirit.jpg">

Free Download Killer > Real Goatrance > V.A: Buddha Mantra

<SPAN class=n>01 :: <SPAN class=a>Lost Buddha - <SPAN class=t>Southern Oracle
<SPAN class=n>02 :: <SPAN class=a>Mysterious Wizard - <SPAN class=t>Music is Nirvana
<SPAN class=n>03 :: <SPAN class=a>Cosmo Circle - <SPAN class=t>Never Land
<SPAN class=n>04 :: <SPAN class=a>M. Dust - <SPAN class=t>A Dark Better Way
<SPAN class=n>05 :: <SPAN class=a>Mind Expander - <SPAN class=t>Oh I Love That Night
<SPAN class=n>06 :: <SPAN class=a>Claudinho Brasil - <SPAN class=t>Musica Eletronica Demasiado Humana
<SPAN class=n>07 :: <SPAN class=a>Creatrix - <SPAN class=t>Platonic Year in Two Galactic
<SPAN class=n>08 :: <SPAN class=a>Hemendra - <SPAN class=t>System Of A Snow
<SPAN class=n>09 :: <SPAN class=a>Shri Yantra - <SPAN class=t>Almighty Voices
<SPAN class=n>10 :: <SPAN class=a>Overhuman Project - <SPAN class=t>Ro-Bot

The first offering from <A class=liexternal href="http://www.buddhamantra.antimateria.org/" target=_blank>Buddha Mantra is a full-length compilation assembled by Vajra. State of Spirit ranges in style from old school Goa trance to modern full-on and darkpsy, relying o­n strong melodies and hints of ethnic samples to maintain a cohesive theme. Download it from the <A class=liexternal href="http://www.buddhamantra.antimateria.org/" target=_blank>Buddha Mantra web site or leech it direct in <A class=liexternal href="http://buddhamantra.antimateria.org/V.A./Buddha%20Mantra%20-%20State%20of%20spirit/Mp3/V.A.Buddha%20Mantra%20-%20State%20of%20spirit%20(WAVE).rar" target=_blank>WAV or <A class=liexternal href="http://buddhamantra.antimateria.org/V.A./Buddha%20Mantra%20-%20State%20of%20spirit/Mp3/V.A.Buddha%20Mantra%20-%20State%20of%20spirit%20(Mp3-320k).rar" target=_blank>320k MP3.

very nice release featuring such upcoming masters like ..overhuman project (colombia) & lost buddha (pt) and cosmo circle (pt)...

Real Vibez > real goatrance music for your mind body and soul ... seems to be portugal & california with suntrip rec. go ahead in these times of "psypop"  or dark gabber ... 

....for real vibes ... check the free goa releases here.... boom

thx 2 http://www.buddhamantra.antimateria.org/
thx 2 http://www.ektoplazm.com/

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Monday, July 09, 2007 - 03:34 PM (4755 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

Favorites: Newcomer 2007 ! True Goa-Trance Release > Cosmo Circle (PT)

<IMG class=cover alt="" src="http://www.ektoplazm.com/gallery2/d/10665-2/cosmo-circle-never-land.jpg"> <DIV class=tracklist><SPAN class=n>01 :: <SPAN class=t>Never Land <SPAN class=d>6:58
<SPAN class=n>02 :: <SPAN class=t>Unreal Reality <SPAN class=d>6:31
<SPAN class=n>03 :: <SPAN class=t>Lost Universe <SPAN class=d>6:52
<SPAN class=n>04 :: <SPAN class=t>Dad... There Is An Alien Playing With My Guitar!! <SPAN class=d>7:38
<SPAN class=n>05 :: <SPAN class=t>Procylon <SPAN class=d>6:24
<SPAN class=n>06 :: <SPAN class=t>Psyware <SPAN class=d>6:12
<SPAN class=n>07 :: <SPAN class=t>Solar System <SPAN class=d>6:28
<SPAN class=n>08 :: <SPAN class=t>Fractal Moments <SPAN class=d>8:10
<SPAN class=n>09 :: <SPAN class=t>Orbital Connection <SPAN class=d>5:28

We vote this o­ne of  the best Newcomers Releases in Goa Trance for 2007 ! Check It !<A class=liexternal href="http://www.cosmocircle.pt.vu/" target=_blank>

Cosmo Circle is a psychedelic trance project based in Lisbon, Portugal. After being exposed to psytrance acts like Astral Projection, Infected Mushroom, and Talamasca in 2002, Ricardo Gomes formed Cosmo Circle in 2004. In 2006, Cosmo Circle released an impromptu promotional album via eMule entitled Mind Creation. The warm feedback Ricardo received led him to work toward his second independent album release: Never Land. Although his style is strongly influenced by the old school spirit, Ricardo is keen o­n employing techniques drawn from the leading edge of high-tech full-on. Never Land is mainly upbeat, melodic, and even cosmic at times, but there are moments where grinding guitars take over, and the last song is a traditional piece of entrancing chill out.
<SPAN class=download_links>

(<A class=liexternal href="http://rapidshare.com/files/30521383/Cosmo_Circle_-_Never_Land_2007.rar" target=_blank>Download <SPAN class=dim>:: <A class=liexternal href="http://www.cosmocircle.pt.vu/" target=_blank>Link <SPAN class=dim>:: <A class=liinternal href="http://www.ektoplazm.com/tracker/torrents/Cosmo_Circle_-_Never_Land_-_2007_-_MP3.torrent">Torrent)

Never Land is available for download in a variety of formats: <A class=liexternal href="http://rapidshare.com/files/30521383/Cosmo_Circle_-_Never_Land_2007.rar" target=_blank>192k MP3, <A class=liexternal href="http://buddhamantra.antimateria.org/Cosmo%20Circle/Never%20Land%20(Mp3-320kbps)/Cosmo%20Circle%20-%20Never%20Land%20(Mp3-320kbps).rar" target=_blank>320k MP3 (<A class=liexternal href="http://www.free604.com/files/cosmo-circle/Cosmo%20Circle%20-%20Never%20Land%20(Mp3-320kbps).rar" target=_blank>mirror / <A class=liinternal href="http://www.ektoplazm.com/tracker/torrents/Cosmo_Circle_-_Never_Land_-_2007_-_MP3.torrent">torrent), and <A class=liexternal href="http://buddhamantra.antimateria.org/Cosmo%20Circle/Never%20Land%20(WAVE)/Cosmo%20Circle%20-%20Never%20Land%20(WAVE).rar" target=_blank>WAV.



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Free Downloads

Suntrip Records Re-released "Transdimensional" from Dimension 5
<IMG height=400 src="http://www.suntriprecords.com/media/releases/SUNCD08/cover_medium.jpg" width=400> 

Suntrip Records Re-released  "Transdimensional" from Dimension 5

Release Notes                                                                
 Dimension 5 is o­ne of the most famous names in the history of Goa Trance,    
 next to big names as Transwave, Astral Projection, Oforia, MFG ! o­ne of the  
 reasons is their superb first album called Transdimensional.                 
 This album is probably the most wanted CD in the history of Goa Trance, and  
 with a reason! The rhythms, melodies and acid lines flow perfectly together, 
 creating pure brain candy! Because of limited access back then in 1997, this 
 cd became very fast a much sough-after legend.                               
 Because Suntrip Rec though this kind of perfect melodic music deserved to be 
 heard by everyone, they decided to re-release this timeless classic! All     
 melodic, psychedelic and sunrise-dance lovers, don't hesitate, this cd will  
 melt your brain and make you smile the whole summer!                         
 This re-release is superb mastered by Tim Schuldt, and the artwork is a      
 little different from the original as well!  
Here we go : Transdimensional reissue is available in all the usual shops:

<A href="http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sut/sut1cd008.html" target=_blank>http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sut/sut1cd008.html
<A href="http://saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=6628" target=_blank>http://saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=6628
<A href="http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=3543" target=_blank>http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=3543
and others...

We are also accepting orders : drop us an email o­n order@suntriprecords.com

Tracklist <DIV class=text>(click o­n the tracks for 128kpbs MP3 extracts)<TABLE cellSpacing=5>

1Iron Sun08:56
2Purple Om07:56
4Omega Centaurus07:39
5Deep Space 5D09:09
6Psychic Influence07:35
8Harmonic Convergence07:57
9Utopian Dream07:40

<DIV class=text>Total time : 78:10
Style : Melodic Goa Trance.
ReMastering : Tim Schuldt @ 4CN Studios
Artwork : Photon, Rich Clarke, M.Rocha & Dimension 5
Cat no : SUNCD08 (Issued originally by Intastella in 1997 as INTACD01)
Format : CD
Release Date : June 15th 2007

<DIV class=title>Words
Dimension 5 was o­ne of the first Goa Trance groups ever and released lots of highly acclaimed vinyls and cds. The group saw its existence in 1989, and around 1994 they released their first early Goa Trance vinyls, which they described as “space techno”. Back then the group existed out of 4 members: Charlie Clarke, Graham Franklin, Kerry Palmer and Nick Wenham. They started their own label, Intastella Records, in 1996 to have total musical freedom.

This resulted in the making of their first full album: “Transdimensional” in 1997. This piece of art is extremely wanted but unfortunately it was never decently distributed, because of that this cd became a true Goa Trance legend.

The fantastic Dimension 5 music was not o­nly released o­n Intastella Records. Many of their tunes made between 1995-1998 were also featured o­n compilations of famous labels. (Transient Records, Psychic Deli, Leguan, Phantasm Records, BNE and many more)

in 1998 the group got an extra member; Christer Borge Lunde (also known as Ra and Electron Wave). This resulted in another album; called “Second Phaze” in the year 2000, released by an unknown label, Blue Moon in Thailand. Because of that this cd was re-released by German Velvet Inc/Nova Tekk. After this cd Dimension 5 stopped making music, leaving a great discography behind…and great memories for all the people that were already in the Goa scene around that time!

Features :

Dimension 5 is o­ne of the most famous names in the history of Goa Trance, next to big names as Transwave, Astral Projection, Oforia, MFG ! o­ne of the reasons is their superb first album called Transdimensional.
This album is probably the most wanted cd in the history of Goa Trance, and with a reason! The rhythms, melodies and acid lines flow perfectly together, creating pure brain candy! Because of limited access back then in 1997, this cd became very fast a much sough-after legend.
Because we at Suntrip think this kind of perfect melodic music deserves to be heard by everyone, we decided to re-release this timeless classic! All melodic, psychedelic and sunrise-dance lovers, don’t hesitate, this cd will melt your brain and make you smile the whole summer!

This re-release is superb mastered by Tim Schuldt, and the artwork will be a little different from the original as well! And we’ll finish with the announcement of our next cd… Ex-D5 member Christer Borge Lunde (Ra) is now making an album for us that will be released in the autumn. Enjoy!

Go to : <A href="http://www.suntriprecords.com/pages/lives&djs.php" target=_blank>Lives & Djs section 

The reissue has been out for 2 weeks o­nly, but WOW, this is amazing. It convinced us even more, if possible, that some people are looking for melodic psychedelic music. Check the review here for example : <A href="http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=47169" target=_blank>http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=47169

What's up now ? There's going to be the summer and its Festivals avalanche. Take care to well choose your spots, the dark movement has taken over big time, but some alternative stages are always there! So, while you'll be partying, we ought to be preparing something new for when you come back to your gray cities héhé.

Just check this thread, it will inform you :
<A href="http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=45222" target=_blank>http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=45222

In short:
- Ra - the 9th. It may still be delayed, but if Christer the Master thinks his tracks need extra attention, we believe him and there will be a better result for YOU !

- K.o.B Album. The Filteria side project standing for "Kind of Behaviour" with less melodic tracks focusing more o­n the organic and weird side of Psytrance. It should be released this autumn.

- Goasia album. Balint and Kanc have agreed with us about a full length album. A mix of trance and ambient, as we are used from Goasia! This is planned for the end of the year!

- The mysterious new compilation... We are new elaborating our new VA concept at the moment. I say concept because we wanna release a unique piece of art, musically and visually speaking. Expect the best from our usual artists and also a few great o­nes we'd like to invite o­n this project.

- o­nline distribution. This was supposed to happen, but we found ourselves struck between our official exclusive distributor that isn't acting o­nline, and all those o­nline distributors that dislike techno music. It will happen, be patient...

- How about a party ? Well we're tempted, we've set the lineup of our dreams, but we miss a good room. So if someone is aware of a 400-600 people room anywhere in Belgium flanders, far from the inhabitants, but quite close to a station, we're really interested.

We'll update you o­n all this when we have discussed this matter during our "roadmap" meeting that will take place tomorrow evening in our secret hideout héhéhéhé.


Get it  HERE >

<A href="http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sut/sut1cd008.html" target=_blank>http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sut/sut1cd008.html
<A href="http://saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=6628" target=_blank>http://saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=6628
<A href="http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=3543" target=_blank>http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=3543
and others...

We are also accepting orders : drop us an email o­n order@suntriprecords.com

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Sascha Müller : Pres. Trip to Psydom : First ever released Netlabel Psytrance Mix ! 2007

<IMG height=400 alt=psydom src="http://www.loopzilla.de/wp-content/pics/psydom.jpg" width=400 _fcksavedurl="http://www.loopzilla.de/wp-content/pics/psydom.jpg">

<FONT size=4>

<FONT size=4><FONT size=4>

<FONT size=4>Sascha Müller : Pres. Trip to Psydom

<FONT size=4><FONT size=4><FONT size=4>First ever release Netlabel GOA-Trance Mix ! 2007

<FONT size=4><FONT size=4>Sascha Müller suprises us with a 76 min. Goa / Psytrance set.

<FONT size=4><FONT size=4>01 ASTERIDE - reason <A href="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/" target=_blank _fcksavedurl="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/">[psydom recordz]
02 TEAM RADIO - we are crazy <A href="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/" target=_blank _fcksavedurl="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/">[psydom recordz]
03 QUARKUP - foreigen tracks <A href="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/" target=_blank _fcksavedurl="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/">[psydom recordz]
04 ALKIMA - drop acid not bombs <A href="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/" target=_blank _fcksavedurl="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/">[psydom recordz]
05 RED SUN - Shaolin <A href="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/" target=_blank _fcksavedurl="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/">[psydom recordz]
06 AGGRESIVE LINES - mental crash <A href="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/" target=_blank _fcksavedurl="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/">[psydom recordz]
07 HYT - machine error <A href="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/" target=_blank _fcksavedurl="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/">[psydom recordz]
08 XPIRAL - hell time <A href="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/" target=_blank _fcksavedurl="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/">[psydom recordz]
09 AGRESSIVE LINES - hyper therapy <A href="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/" target=_blank _fcksavedurl="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/">[psydom recordz]
10 DNI - simple saw <A href="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/" target=_blank _fcksavedurl="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/">[psydom recordz]
11 PSYFULLOHMS - nndance <A href="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/" target=_blank _fcksavedurl="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/">[psydom recordz]
12 MENTAL CHIPS VS. SPECTRAL HADES - magical killer <A href="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/" target=_blank _fcksavedurl="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/">[psydom recordz]
13 XDRA - first time <A href="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/" target=_blank _fcksavedurl="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/">[psydom recordz]
14 SCOVINSKY - dew <A href="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/" target=_blank _fcksavedurl="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/">[psydom recordz]
15 ASTRANCER - mantrayama <A href="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/" target=_blank _fcksavedurl="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/">[psydom recordz]

<FONT size=4><FONT size=4>mixed by sascha müller
76:42 min / 192 kbps / 110 mb
download / download mirror

<FONT size=4><FONT size=4>http://www.loopzilla.de/

<FONT size=4>all TRACKS by > <FONT size=4><A href="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/" target=_blank _fcksavedurl="http://psydomtrance.blogspot.com/">psydom recordz

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