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Psychedelic Favorites

Category: Favorites

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Favorites: aquatica - artha live set 02-05-2007-

Great Goatrance artist from Poland  

aquatica - artha live set DOWNLOAD 02-05-2007



1. artha - controlled
2. artha - mahabharta
3. artha - dna
4. artha - astral body
5. artha - saikol
6. artha - ginnus
7. artha - sannjasin
8. hallucinogen - gamma goblins [artha remix]
9. artha - el.es.di.

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Monday, August 06, 2007 - 08:36 PM (3503 Aufrufe)
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Favorites: Newcomer 2007 ! True Goa-Trance Release > Cosmo Circle (PT)

<IMG class=cover alt="" src="http://www.ektoplazm.com/gallery2/d/10665-2/cosmo-circle-never-land.jpg"> <DIV class=tracklist><SPAN class=n>01 :: <SPAN class=t>Never Land <SPAN class=d>6:58
<SPAN class=n>02 :: <SPAN class=t>Unreal Reality <SPAN class=d>6:31
<SPAN class=n>03 :: <SPAN class=t>Lost Universe <SPAN class=d>6:52
<SPAN class=n>04 :: <SPAN class=t>Dad... There Is An Alien Playing With My Guitar!! <SPAN class=d>7:38
<SPAN class=n>05 :: <SPAN class=t>Procylon <SPAN class=d>6:24
<SPAN class=n>06 :: <SPAN class=t>Psyware <SPAN class=d>6:12
<SPAN class=n>07 :: <SPAN class=t>Solar System <SPAN class=d>6:28
<SPAN class=n>08 :: <SPAN class=t>Fractal Moments <SPAN class=d>8:10
<SPAN class=n>09 :: <SPAN class=t>Orbital Connection <SPAN class=d>5:28

We vote this o­ne of  the best Newcomers Releases in Goa Trance for 2007 ! Check It !<A class=liexternal href="http://www.cosmocircle.pt.vu/" target=_blank>

Cosmo Circle is a psychedelic trance project based in Lisbon, Portugal. After being exposed to psytrance acts like Astral Projection, Infected Mushroom, and Talamasca in 2002, Ricardo Gomes formed Cosmo Circle in 2004. In 2006, Cosmo Circle released an impromptu promotional album via eMule entitled Mind Creation. The warm feedback Ricardo received led him to work toward his second independent album release: Never Land. Although his style is strongly influenced by the old school spirit, Ricardo is keen o­n employing techniques drawn from the leading edge of high-tech full-on. Never Land is mainly upbeat, melodic, and even cosmic at times, but there are moments where grinding guitars take over, and the last song is a traditional piece of entrancing chill out.
<SPAN class=download_links>

(<A class=liexternal href="http://rapidshare.com/files/30521383/Cosmo_Circle_-_Never_Land_2007.rar" target=_blank>Download <SPAN class=dim>:: <A class=liexternal href="http://www.cosmocircle.pt.vu/" target=_blank>Link <SPAN class=dim>:: <A class=liinternal href="http://www.ektoplazm.com/tracker/torrents/Cosmo_Circle_-_Never_Land_-_2007_-_MP3.torrent">Torrent)

Never Land is available for download in a variety of formats: <A class=liexternal href="http://rapidshare.com/files/30521383/Cosmo_Circle_-_Never_Land_2007.rar" target=_blank>192k MP3, <A class=liexternal href="http://buddhamantra.antimateria.org/Cosmo%20Circle/Never%20Land%20(Mp3-320kbps)/Cosmo%20Circle%20-%20Never%20Land%20(Mp3-320kbps).rar" target=_blank>320k MP3 (<A class=liexternal href="http://www.free604.com/files/cosmo-circle/Cosmo%20Circle%20-%20Never%20Land%20(Mp3-320kbps).rar" target=_blank>mirror / <A class=liinternal href="http://www.ektoplazm.com/tracker/torrents/Cosmo_Circle_-_Never_Land_-_2007_-_MP3.torrent">torrent), and <A class=liexternal href="http://buddhamantra.antimateria.org/Cosmo%20Circle/Never%20Land%20(WAVE)/Cosmo%20Circle%20-%20Never%20Land%20(WAVE).rar" target=_blank>WAV.



geschrieben von: dr1ft am Monday, July 09, 2007 - 03:24 PM (2987 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

Favorites: Astral_Projection_vs_MFG_-_Nintrance_DJ Mix Goatrance Oldskool

Real Oldschool Goatrance Mix : ( Astral Projection  Nintrance Megamix) Oldschool

 Download Listen Goatrance Mix Astral Projection vs MFG Live 59.01 mb

njoy the NEW Download Link 04/2008..

. Download real Goatrance Mix from Astral Projection here 

(right - click - save as )

This is a Killer for real ... feel it YEAHHHHHHH

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Wednesday, February 28, 2007 - 12:29 AM (3485 Aufrufe)
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