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Favorites: Fresh old skool Goa Mix by R.D.U oldschool Goa oldskool

Here on Goamedia.net you will find a huge Goa / Psy Music Mix Archive + Goa Video Online Archive . njoy

This very nice Oldschool Goa Mix tithra-yadra old skool mix by r.d.u.  is also hosted there.

FULL Oldschool Goa Mix only here

We are very busy at this Time with other projects so njoy some more free music here on psypix.org soon .... or post something by yourself  like that latest darkpsy promo cd in our download section...

If you are from around Berlin  check out our new

Free Party Database for Berlin City : www.op3n.de

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Free Downloads

Favorites: acidplace.ru Free True Goa Spirit Files

n1ce free goa mixes via acidplace.ru

106.8 FM 'Дети Подземелья' (Part 1)
24:47, 34.2Mb, VBR 193kbps
106.8 FM 'Дети Подземелья' (Part 2)

24:48, 48.0Mb, VBR 271kbps

Эфир станции 2000 перед 6-ой орбитой:

Станция 2000 (part 1)
46:28, 77.5Mb, VBR 233kbps
Станция 2000 (part 2)
27:10, 45.9Mb, VBR 236kbps

Acidman '604'

Acidman '604'
cue, 1.3kb
Acidman '604'
1:17:42, 144.4 Mb, VBR 260 kbps

Robert Miles 'Children Are Back' (D-Tek Remix)
1200 Micrograms 'Computers' (Hujaboy Remix)
Space Buddha 'Full Circle'
Kamasutrance 'Ran Gi La'
Gataka vs Ziki 'Tokyo Time'
Dynamic And Cycle Sphere 'Hallucinogenic Vision'
MFG 'Shining Faces'
DJ Lyrix 'Deeper Of Space'
Space Tribe vs Electric Universe 'Electric Space Phenomenon'
Xerox & Illumination 'Alecho'
Optokoppler 'Clean'
Cosmosis 'Inside Yourself'
Harida 'Manali'

Liquid Fusion - победитель конкурса на лучший chillout микс от SCSS:

Acidman 'Liquid Fusion'

Acidman 'Liquid Fusion'
cue, 1.0kb
Acidman 'Liquid Fusion'

1:12:48, 116.1 Mb, VBR 223 kbps

Ott 'Jack's Cheese And Bread Snack'
Shulman 'Inner Selves'
Entheogenic 'Pagan Dream Machine'
SUN Project 'Solitude'
Doof 'Star Above Parvati' (Bijli Mahadev Mix)
Saafi Brothers 'Into States Of Consciousness'
Vibratribe 'Hymn To The Muse'
Makyo 'Takshaka'
Etnica 'Evolution Of The Merkaba'

Acidman 'Acidised'

Acidman 'Acidised'
cue, 1.0kb
Acidman 'Acidised'
1:16:21, 141.1 Mb, VBR 259 kbps

Electric Universe 'Visiting Venus'
Uz 'Space T'
Morphem 'Love Is An Ocean'
Padmasana 'Holistic Resonance'
M-Sphere 'In The Heat'
Walter Ego 'Purple Pygmies'
Govinda 'Something'
Yucatan 'Up!'
Tripswitch 'Silver Robot' (Baby mix)
Space Buddha ‘Fly High’
Stuph 'Venice Beach Dub'

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Thursday, January 17, 2008 - 07:18 PM (7690 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

Favorites: 3CD V.A. Raja Ram The Anthology > Infinity Project > Shpongle

  Raja Ram is renowned and loved world over for his sets, energy, charisma and
 showmanship.He is truly one of a kind. A pioneer and true spirit of the scene
 whose enthusiasm, passion and drive to push forward and make it better is    
 amazing. He is an inspiration.                                               
 The album consists of 3 cd's of what Raja Ram sees as the key tracks of his  
 career in music which spans 40 years!. His favourite moments.         
 CD1 is Quintessence and what a great collection it is. Really groovy stuff.  
 Some amazing jazz flute by Raja Ram and great guitar solos and tunes. A really
 great collection of tracks from a legendary band in the London Psychedelic   
 movement of late 60's early 70's.       
 CD2 is The Infinity Project. Raja Ram and Graham wood were one of the first  
 acts to make Goa Trance or Psy Trance as it is now known. There first track  
 was in 1989 and they had the first Tip party to celebrate it. Both the track 
 and the flyer of the party are included in package. This is the definitive   
 collection of T.I.P as selected by Raja Ram but mixed together. 
 CD3 the final cd is also mixed and is mainly Shpongle, Raja Ram's very       
 successful partnership with Simon Posford who have really pushed the         
 boundaries of what Psychedelic music can be. Then we have of course some key 
 tracks from the other highly successful collaboration (Riktam, Bansi and     
 Chicago) which is1200 Micrograms. One of the key global acts this decade for 
 high power, peak time Psy music. A real headliner for all the big Psy parties
 around the world.  
 And we have Cyberbabas first track which was the first time Raja Ram got     
 together with Benji Vaughan and what an exciting collaboration of talent they
 possess. In fact the next chapter is a new act by these 2 called The Zap! And
 it is perhaps Tip Worlds most exciting album to date. Psychedelic but        
 generally pretty genre defying stuff. Elements from everywhere but not       
 constrained by any rules and routines, speeds, sounds or effects. Watch out!

Nice new Release . Listen to and buy on Beatport here > <IMG border=0 src="http://media.beatport.com/items/imageCatalog/0/100000/40000/9000/0/20/149024.jpg" ><IMG border=0 width=1 height=1 src="http://ad.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/show?id=oRCXsr0tMx8&bids=130533.389908&type=2&subid=0" >
... check out more from Raja Ram and Tipworld  here.

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Monday, January 07, 2008 - 01:35 PM (4111 Aufrufe)

Favorites: Download! mindsphere : Inner Cyclone > True Goatrance Free 2007


Last but best metapsychic Release out now for free by mindspere from Turkey :

Metapsychic was one of only  a few psychedelic Netlabels around the Globe.
Now Metypsychic Rec.is over because of internal Problems but i hope to see
the energy again from Martin "Octodur" & Vassilis "Cosmogenesis" Astrancer etc. The Main people behind the NetLabel Metapsychic Records done a job like nobody done before. That kind of spiritual goa trance vibes nobody else released to the World 4 free . Psychedelic Netlabel Releases are really rare in thoose Times of Vocalised Psy Pop and stupid commercial Mainstream Disco Full-On. So hope to see you back on the Floor soon with a new Name and another Project.

Finally the  mindsphere Album is like a thunderstorm for the dancefloor, full of positive straight forward melodies and it have so much spirit that i will book that Guy 4 sure.

Its no fake disco shit nor dark depressive, its just true spiritual psychedelic goa trance music ...for me its the real VIBE!


1. Painful Story (150bpm) 10:59
2. Mindrama (148bpm) 10:03
3. We Have A Dream (147bpm) 07:48
4. Wasted Years (148bpm) 08:43
5. Operation Side (148bpm) 10:37
6. To Infinity (145bpm) 09:34
7. Inner Cyclone (150bpm) 11:15
8. Fusion (92 bpm) 07:36

All tracks are written and produced by Ali Akgün
Istanbul / Turkey

Mastered by Bobby Ognyanov of 'Aerosis' (Suntrip rec.)
Artwork cover made by Bruno aka 'Astrancer'

It's finally with a great pleasure that Metapsychic Records present its 5th and final release 'Inner Cyclone' the first album of Ali Akgün, alias 'Mindsphere'. This exclusive promotion reunites Ali's best tracks which were played in his numerous live performances across Turkey, during the period 2003-2006, and contains also a chill-out piece of his new ambient project called 'Mindphoria'. The main concept of 'Inner Cyclone' is to propel the listeners/dancers in the middle of a tornado of high sensitive feelings and authentic emotions, directly inspired by Ali's various experiences of life. The goa fans will be certainly touched and bewitched by the diversified oriental tonalities of this dynamic & melodic eastern-influenced album, which will recreate in your mind a subliminal panoramic vision of the mythic Anatolia.


Prepare your spirit and mind out your sphere!

Ali Akgün (Mindsphere) thanks section:

Special thanks to:
My wife
My family
All the turkish psychedelic trance scene who supports me in parties and understands my music.
Special thanks to turkish psychedelic trance portal psyturk.com
A big thanks for Metapsychic label family: Vassilis, oCtodur, Bobby (Aerosis), Astrancer, Lost Buddha (Filipe Santos)
Suntrip Records: Mars, Anoebis, Filteria
...and all the people on the world who loves my spirit.


We would like to notice you that this album is also Metapsychic Rec. last release. Our net-label will no longer exist (see the official announcement of our closure at our websites), but we are glad and proud to quit this adventure as we started it, with a free goa release that you can consider as a final gift from our part:

Direct links:
Mindsphere_-_Inner Cyclone-MPR-2007_mp3.rar (MP3 VERSiON)

Mindsphere_-_Inner_Cyclone-MPR_wav.rar Mindsphere_-_Inner Cyclone-MPR-2007_mp3.rar (MP3 VERSiON)
(Special thanks to raccoon for hosting Metapsychic Rec. releases from the start)

Mindsphere_-_Inner_Cyclone-MPR-2007_mp3.rar (MP3 VERSiON)
(Special thanks to Mars@ Psynews.org/Suntrip Records for his support and contribution)

Ektoplazm.com (WAV VERSiON)
Ektoplazm.com (MP3 VERSiON)
(Special thanks to Basilisk @ Ektoplazm - Link to Ektoplazm)

Torrent (WAV):

Temporary Links (MP3 320kb/s version):

Metapsychic records would like to thank the following people for their help and support:
We would like also to express, from the depth of our heart, all our gratitude to our beloved and talented artist, Ali 'Mindsphere', for his amazing album, his trusting and his faithful friendship. It was an honour for us to work with him and release such great music, and even if it's for free. We have no doubt that you'll hear even more beautiful music from his part in a near future, - even if it will not be under our label anymore -, because his new productions already totally blow us away. We wish him a brilliant success and the very best luck for his music career.

Special thanks to :
_Bruno Filizola (Astrancer) for his exceptional covers.
_Bobby (Aerosis) for his amazing and professional mastering.

We'll be always very grateful for your precious contribution and for taking part of our story. And a final thanx to all the goa fans across the world. Keep the faith! Be GOA always on you!

Respectfully Yourz,

Martin "oCtodur" & Vassilis "Cosmogenesis"
Metapsychic Records




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Free Downloads

Favorites: New GOASIA Album out now !!! - From Other Spaces

Suntrip Records released From Other Spaces
GOASIA (CD) Release date: 11/2007

Goasia - From Other Spaces


(click on the tracks for 2min 96kpbs MP3 extracts)
1 Intro 02:50
2 Love & Peace 08:18
3 Space Travellers 07:48
4 From Other Spaces 08:47
5 Octagon 09:10
6 Liquid Soul 08:04
7 Taboo 08:31
8 Per Aspera ad Astra 08:39
9 Sunrise 09:12
10 Pray for Rain 06:43

Total time : 78:02
Style : Melodic Goa Trance.
ReMastering : Tim Schuldt @ 4CN Studios
Artwork : Gabriel 'Zen' Descoutieras @ Digitalys Studios
Cat no : SUNCD09
Format : CD
Release Date : November 12th 2007



Goasia is one of the new stars in the old/new school goa trance scene.
We can describe this style as goa trance with up to date production
but with the complexity, melodies and spirituality of old-style Goa music.
Music for DJ's that want to give the dancefloor a big smile!

Most of the tracks are tsunamis on de dancefloor
although Sunrise can be described as an epic Platipus - like trance anthem
and Pray for Rain is an ambient beauty.

Balint Tihamer is known as one of the new stars creating melodic true Goa trance. His style can be described as Goa trance with up to date production but with the complexity, melodies and spirituality of old-style Goa music. Music for DJ’s that want to give the dancefloor a big smile! Most of the tracks are real tsunami’s for the dancers, although Sunrise can be described as an epic Platipus-like trance anthem and Pray for Rain is an ambient beauty. In the past Goasia released a split-album with Omegahertz on Unicorn and numerous ambient and Goa trance singles on various labels as Cosmicleaf (from which we licensed Pray For Rain), Kagdila, USTA and of course Suntrip Records, where he was featured on the classic “Apsara” compilation. His sound seems to be very popular all over the world as he just returned from a tour in Japan and has gigs soon in Belgium and other places around Europe! For all classic Goa trance lovers… Don’t miss this!

Since 2000 the Goasia Project come into goa and psytrance music exclusively. Electronic sound greatly influenced Baling since his early years . This is the reason why he loves so much electronic instruments!. The older member of the project and founder, Balint Tihamer, has continually followed development of this kind of music since 1970’s starting with german "Kraftwerk" and "Tangerine Dream" to the representatives of english "New Wave" and creative work of Japanese Kitaro, greek Vangelis and frenchmen Jean-Michel Jarre. The other member of Goasia, Vladislav Radulovic a.k.a. Kanc Cover, entered the world of trance music in ‘94 and discovered at that time the popular “Goa Trance sound”.

The explosive development of electronic music in ’90s resulted in creation of several subgenres.
Goa Trance as fusion of ambient, ethno, and techno music is one of them. It is Balint's favourite because this subgenre combines past, present and future of electronic music and this is the reason why he gets into the music business once again after a long period of absence. Continuous interplay of spiritual and dreaming-like soundscapes gives a listener the unique experience. When it comes to Balint's personal style, he would refer to it as the one containing the complexity of fullon and spirituality of the old-style Goa music, in Kanc's words: "A Goa Trance with innovative bass line, as a way to bring closer the old sound to young listeners". The project is making an effort towards creating complex, yet easy-to-listen and to dance on the music. Music is a joy in every one of us, and that makes this project a goal !

Every single suggestion or remark of yours, Goasia will read all of them with the fullest attention and appreciation. So feel free to write to us...
The first GoaTrance edition, named "Pure Planet Vol.1", in which Balint was participating got published in July 2004 for Kagdila Recs. Beside psytrance, the project is also doing chillout music. The Project got a new member, previously stated, Kanc Cover, from the X-Raything and Opsy projects, in the year 2005. The same year they had their first live performance together at the Exit 05 Festival...

Lovers of hard basslines and Goa Trance melodies: watch out!!!

In case this all sounds like perfect music for your ears,
please support the artist and the label... it's available at very fair prices at:
our own homepage (where you can still get our older releases)



and directly with from suntrip records


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Favorites: Goa is (NOT) Dead > True Goa Trance Mix by DJ Ghost
Goa is (NOT) dead ! True Goatrance DJ-Mix by Ghost



~Partytime~ 145 bpm

1. Dimension 5 - Psychic Influence
2. Asia 2001 - Vertige (Goa Gil Burning Man Mix)
3. Khetzal - Trancefuzion
4. Filteria - Tiny Universe
5. Artha - Genretic Formular
6. Cosmo Circle - Lost Universe
7. Colorbox - GreySpook (Eastside Mix)
8. Pleiadians - Alcyone
9. Filteria - Ultimator (Ultimated Mix)
10. Nolax - Silence of the Drums
11. Vox - City of Black Lights

~After Hour~ 120 bpm >

12. Khetzal - Listing Winds
13. Aes Dana - Opal-In
14. Aes Dana - Digitalys
15. Radical Distortion - India
16. Talpa - Back to Dreaming
17. Ypslion 5 - Heliosphere

download here >

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Monday, October 01, 2007 - 02:46 PM (3583 Aufrufe)
Free Downloads

Favorites: Spiral Tribe > Forward the Revolution > Make FREE Festivals <

<TABLE cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=1 width=250 align=center border=0>

<A href="http://www.spiraltribe.com/" target=_blank><IMG height=200 alt="" src="http://www.uncivilizedworld.com/images/projets/WTA_sarajevo.jpg" width=250>

Forward the Revolution > make FREE PSY / GOA / ALL Subculture Festivals !

Spiral Tribe is the legendary Free Sound System from the UK

Download Full Spiral Tribe Video "Forward the Revolution" here

more stuff >

<TD class=premierecolonne><IMG alt=SpiralTribe-VieuxMix.mp3 src="http://acid23.free.fr/icones/medias.gif"><TD class=secondecolonne>SpiralTribe-VieuxMix.mp3<TD class=troisiemecolonne>41 Mo<TD class=quatrimecolonne> <TD class=cinquiemecolonne>Fichier mp3<TD class=sixiemecolonne>19/06/2005 04:47 pm<TD class=premierecolonne><IMG alt=Spiral_Tribe_-_Breach_The_Peace.avi src="http://acid23.free.fr/icones/medias.gif"><TD class=secondecolonne>Spiral_Tribe_-_Breach_The_Peace.avi<TD class=troisiemecolonne>35 Mo<TD class=quatrimecolonne> <TD class=cinquiemecolonne>Fichier avi<TD class=sixiemecolonne>19/10/2005 10:52 pm<TD class=premierecolonne><IMG alt=Spiral_Tribe_-_In_Australia.avi src="http://acid23.free.fr/icones/medias.gif"><TD class=secondecolonne>Spiral_Tribe_-_In_Australia.avi<TD class=troisiemecolonne>21 Mo<TD class=quatrimecolonne> <TD class=cinquiemecolonne>Fichier avi<TD class=sixiemecolonne>19/10/2005 08:42 pm<TD class=premierecolonne><IMG alt=SPIRAL_TRIBE_-_TeKos95@Fontainebleau.avi src="http://acid23.free.fr/icones/medias.gif"><TD class=secondecolonne>SPIRAL_TRIBE_-_TeKos95@Fontainebleau.avi<TD class=troisiemecolonne>45 Mo<TD class=quatrimecolonne> <TD class=cinquiemecolonne>Fichier avi<TD class=sixiemecolonne>19/10/2005 11:03 pm<TD class=premierecolonne><IMG alt=Spiral_tribe_TeknoCirkus2001@Barcelone.avi src="http://acid23.free.fr/icones/medias.gif"><TD class=secondecolonne>Spiral_tribe_TeknoCirkus2001@Barcelone.avi<TD class=troisiemecolonne>14 Mo<TD class=quatrimecolonne> <TD class=cinquiemecolonne>Fichier avi<TD class=sixiemecolonne>19/10/2005 09:10 pm

<FONT color=#ff0000>Check out the Spiral Tribe > Travelling Soundsystem DVD Release 
<IMG height=354 alt="" src="http://www.uncivilizedworld.com/images/projets/WTA_cover_US.jpg" width=250><FONT color=#ff0000> 

<DIV class=titre_noir><FONT color=#ff0000><SPAN class=surligne>World Traveller Adventures - DVD released by http://www.uncivilizedworld.com !!!

A collection of 4 documentaries o­n the Free party movement
<DIV class=indent>The Free Party was born in the UK. It was the result of a synergy between New Age travellers (an alternative movement of nomads), squatters encouraged by Thatcher's repression to leave the cities, along with clubbers frustrated by the closure of clubs and the early raves... The peace-loving New Age traveller movement was shaken by a brutal attack by the police o­n the 1st June 1985, o­n a convey in the direction of Stonehenge. 140 vehicules were immobilised by the police, many others were destroyed or conviscated, the occupants beaten or detained. accross Europe, and inspiring others to follow their example.

Between 1988 and 1990, acid house becomes ever more popular and clubs are targeted for repression. The first rave sound-systems leave the cities and their raver-followers meet the travellers at the big summer festivals. The first collaboration takes place at the Glastonbury festival in 1989. The 1992 Avon Free Festival at Castlemorton is the first free underground large-scale techno festival. The event is a catalyst which galvanizes the enthusiasm of thousands of participants determined to party according to this new ritual, in defiance of English law. accross Europe, and inspiring others to follow their example.

On 3rd November 1994 the British Parliament votes in Section 63 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, outlawing any gathering of people more than 100 people accompanied by amplified music which "includes sounds wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats." accross Europe, and inspiring others to follow their example.

Exasperated by developing situation, the British authorities start to arrest large numbers in the traveller community. Several members of Spiral Tribe, pioneers of the rave movement are arrested. After their trial, they decide to expatriate to France, spreading their spirit of freedom and music accross Europe, and inspiring others to follow their example.

Their goal is to cross borders and export this music through political protest or cultural exchange. Some leave to explore the South-American continent, while others go to Africa, Eastern Europe, the United States, Australia, Asia .. the World Traveller Adventure was born.. United around the same beliefs, techno travellers denounce the enslavement of man by machines and advocate respect for the environment. In their atypical parties, repetitive music is reunited with its original taste of dissent. Their motto: 'Let the music never stop'. Their obsession : secrecy. Although the hundreds of nomadic tribes wandering Europe since the early 90's know the exact locations of the parties, they are difficult to find. The location, date and hours of the parties are known by o­nly a handful of people a few hours before the start. The flyer is just a simple piece of paper passed from person to person, with the number of a telephone message service which announces the itinerary (infoline). Secret codes o­n the internet open the virtual doors of this techno underground.

  <SPAN class=petit><FONT color=#ff0000>+ more: <A href="http://www.worldtravelleradventures.org/" target=_blank><FONT color=#ff0000>www.worldtravelleradventures.org

<SPAN class=surligne>Buy DVD ///

<A href="http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000AOFB4G?ie=UTF8&tag=mixtapesde-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B000AOFB4G" target=_blank><IMG height=19 alt="Spiral tribe dvd" src="http://www.uncivilizedworld.com/images/amazon_logo.gif" width=65 border=0>

<FONT color=#ff0000>more Infos about spiral Tribe here > <FONT color=#ff0000>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiral_Tribe

  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.spiral-tribe.org href="http://www.spiral-tribe.org/" rel=nofollow>Archive site
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.spiraltribe.com href="http://www.spiraltribe.com/" rel=nofollow>Spiral Tribe o­n Myspace
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.fantazia.org.uk/Scene/freeparty/spiraltribe.htm href="http://www.fantazia.org.uk/Scene/freeparty/spiraltribe.htm" rel=nofollow>Spiral Tribe article and interview from Fantazia
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.beyondtv.org/beyondtv/page.php/376/soma/ href="http://www.beyondtv.org/beyondtv/page.php/376/soma/" rel=nofollow>A first-hand account of the events surrounding Castlemorton
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.elektrokanibal.org/flyer23.html href="http://www.elektrokanibal.org/flyer23.html" rel=nofollow>Gallery of Spiral Tribe flyers
  • <A class="external text" title=http://parties.are.free.fr/flyers/spiraltribe.html href="http://parties.are.free.fr/flyers/spiraltribe.html" rel=nofollow>Another gallery of Spiral Tribe flyers
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Spiral+Tribe href="http://www.discogs.com/artist/Spiral+Tribe" rel=nofollow>Spiral Tribe discography from Discogs
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.uncivilizedworld.com/WTA_en.php3 href="http://www.uncivilizedworld.com/WTA_en.php3" rel=nofollow>World Traveller Adventurers DVD
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.expressillon.com/ href="http://www.expressillon.com/" rel=nofollow>Network 23 Repress
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.network23.org/ href="http://www.network23.org/" rel=nofollow>Network 23
  • <A class="external text" title=http://freepartypeople.wordpress.com/ href="http://freepartypeople.wordpress.com/" rel=nofollow>Reminiscences about Spiral Tribe parties, flyer gallery, record reviews
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.loftsites.co.uk/old_school_rave/ href="http://www.loftsites.co.uk/old_school_rave/" rel=nofollow>Party memories and photos including Spiral Tribe

<SPAN class=mw-headline>See also

<A href="http://www.spiraltribe.com/" target=_blank>

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Favorites: Pan Psychic released a deep track on VA/Human Hyperactivation
<FONT size=2>

Name : Georgy Luchek, Ivan Fedorenko
Location : St-Petersburg. Russian Federation

Label: Metapsychic Records; Shanti Sound System

Website: www.shanti.spb.ru

Check the brand new Track from Pan Psychic ( Russia) :  In Suspend  !
preview in myspace player here: http://www.myspace.com/metapsychicrecords 

<SPAN lang=EN-GB>The Pan Psychic project are 2 musicians Alexei Kravchenko (1979)- unfortunately, Aleksei went away from project in 2005 but sometimes they work together, and Georgy aka Geo (1980), in 2006 his old friend and musician Ivan Fedorenko (1983) joined to group. The project started in 1999 in St. Petersburg (RU) and evolved from the techno project called "Textile". The first public performance took place in spring 2000. Pan Psychic is the first project o­n St. Petersburg trance scene that introduced live performance program, which consisted of their proper material o­nly. In 2001 the first release has been published as a part of DJ Parade Euro compilation called "5th race". It's also been included as o­ne of the best tracks compilation through the history of DJ Parade festival (2001).

<SPAN lang=EN-GB>Musical preferences of participants of group are various enough also this fact affects their creativity: tracks are various enough o­n stylistics: melodic morning sound, goa... and psychedelic with dark style and techno elements.<?xml:namespace prefix = o /><o:p></o:p>

<SPAN lang=EN-GB>Now Pan Psychic is preparing a new album. It will include 10 best and most popular tracks written within the period from 1999 to 2006 "We are not, who we are" (Russian Edition).

 The new Track "in suspend" is AVAILABLE NOW! o­n


VA/Human Hyperactivation (Metapsychic Records)

The brandnew Metapsychic Rec 100% GOA compilation propose you a second exploration into the human complex brain which will activate your hidden senses through its dynamic goa & acid trance rhythms and tonalities. Expect tracks from Lost Buddha/Pandemonium, Mindsphere, Pan Psychic, Nolax, Liquid Flow, MikeA/Subra and many other artists which are there to make you live a very unique audio experience!

Get some more from the same Guys here > http://www.intrance.ru/artist/?id=255

Pan Psychic (2005, Promo)

  • Pan Psychic - Night Vision [ MP3-VBR | 8:38 | 14,4 Mb ]
  • Pan Psychic - Bio Ware [ MP3-VBR | 6:27 | 10,7 Mb ]

    V/A - DJ Parade EXE (2004, Track Sysrem.SPb)

  • Pan Psychic & Shytan - Ozone Cloud [ MP3-192 | 5:59 | 8,22 Mb ]

    Pan Psychic - We Are Not Who We Are (2004, Promo)

  • Pan Psychic - System Core [ MP3-VBR | 6:58 | 9,32 Mb ]
  • Pan Psychic - Last Reality [ MP3-VBR | 5:55 | 8,87 Mb ]

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    Favorites: DJ Nemesis @ Mikology 2004 January 05
    <TD class=textright><DIV align=center><TD class=textright valign="middle"><DIV align=center><A href="http://web21.chaishop.com/audio/20041218_djnemesis%28transient-dacru%29_at_mikology_festival_2004.mp3" target=_blank>DOWNLOAD

    Check http://www.dacru.be 4 more info o­n Nemesis / Digicult

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     One of my favorite Mixes of all time
    <DIV align=left>
    <DIV align=left>
    DJ Nemesis
    ;@ Mikology 2004 January 05
    75 min. / MP3-format / 99 Mb / VBR
    Free Downloads

    Favorites: MPRCD03 - VA/Human Hyperactivation
    <P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt"><SPAN lang=EN-GB><IMG alt="" hspace=0 src="http://www.psypix.org/VA-Human-Hyperactivation.jpg" align=baseline border=0>

    Catalog: <SPAN lang=EN-GB>MPRCD03
    CD Jewel Case (MP3 320kpbs)
    Price :
    Current Status:
    Released 1 August 2007 <o:p></o:p><P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt"><SPAN lang=EN-GB><o:p> </o:p><SPAN lang=EN-GB>Compiled by <SPAN lang=EN-GB>Filipe Santos (Lost Buddha), Cosmogenesis & Octodur
    Mastered by Dave Hook (Infinite Dimensions)
    Artwork by
    Bruno Filizola (Astrancer)<SPAN lang=EN-GB> <o:p></o:p>

    <P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt"> 

    <P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt"><SPAN lang=EN-GB>Tracklist:

    <P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt"> 

    <P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt"><SPAN lang=EN-GB>01. Pan Psychic – In Suspend<o:p></o:p>

    <P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt"><SPAN lang=EN-GB>02. Mindsphere - Perception <o:p></o:p>

    <P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt"><SPAN lang=EN-GB>03. Subra - Snel Hest
    04. Artifact303 - Trip To The Sun
    05. Pandemonium - Pandemonium
    06. Liquid Flow - Overdose
    07. Alienxxs - Infected Creature
    08. Brain Technology - Jungle Hippie
    09. Nolax - Pareidolia 

    We think the Tracks from Mindsphere and Pan Psychic are o­ne of the best we heard this year !

    New Release by http://www.metapsychicrecords.com/releases.htm

    Get it here : http://www.beatbiz.net/artist.php?USERID=1411

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