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Psychedelic Favorites

Category: Ambient

The news items published under this category are as follows.

Ambient: Simon Posford & Raja Ram - Live In Eilat Desert Israel 2002

chill away... and njoy this great performance

Simon Posford & Raja Ram - Live In Eilat Desert Israel 2002


geschrieben von: dr1ft am Wednesday, January 14, 2009 - 02:46 PM (10339 Aufrufe)
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Ambient: Ambient mix cosmic Pyramide by r.d.u. 08

1.RA-Light Receiver
2.Quadra-Saccred Vision
3.Younger Brother-Psychic Gibbon ( Original Mix)
4.Chronos-Spiral Clouds
5.Etnica- Trip Tonight (Playa Mix)
6.Kick Bong-VA GUE AL'me
7.Shiva Shidapu-Aquamarine
8.Afgin-Waves Of Love
9.Tikal-Crystal Wind


geschrieben von: dr1ft am Wednesday, June 04, 2008 - 06:35 PM (3878 Aufrufe)
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Ambient: Das Kraftfuttermischwerk - Blüte Seines Lebens
<TR class=odd><TD noWrap>6:02<TD noWrap>(8.50 MB)<TD noWrap>.mp3<TR class=even><TD noWrap>7:08<TD noWrap>(10.04 MB)<TD noWrap>.mp3<TR class=odd><TD noWrap>5:15<TD noWrap>(7.39 MB)<TD noWrap>.mp3<TR class=even><TD noWrap>4:45<TD noWrap>(6.68 MB)<TD noWrap>.mp3

Very nice psychedelic downbeat Relase by the german Netlabel Thinner

Das Kraftfuttermischwerk - Blüte Seines Lebens -

Das Kraftfuttermischwerk - Blüte Seines Lebens

Moving Ambient Downbeats

<DIV class=tracks><P class=instruction>Click o­n .mp3 to download tracks.

<P class=instruction>Click here to stream the release in a playlist.

<TABLE class=tracks cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 align=center border=0>
Fluss Ins Nichts
Blüte Seines Lebens
Blütenstau In Basel
Shadows o­n Wooden Beaches
<P class=total>4 tracks - 23min 10sec - 32.62 MB

<P class=review>Nearly a eighteen months ago the German duo Das Kraftfuttermischwerk released their melancholic and romantic virtual long player "Eingang Nach Draußen" o­n Thinner [THN085] laden with electronic downbeats and dub influences. A year later their dreamy, minimal-dub track "Flieg mit mir, flieg" appeared o­n the Thinner compilation "Demo Tracks" [THN091]. Now, in this mid-summer of 2007, Das Kraftfuttermischwerk returns with a soothing, melodic downtempo EP titled "Blüte seines Lebens" - a perfect audio complement to warm, placid days. Like a carefree boat trip down a meandering, gently flowing waterway o­n a balmy summer day that ends in the cool shade of a secluded tree-lined beach, this easy-listening four-tracker takes the listener o­n a tranquil, nostalgic sound journey that includes beautiful synths, pensive melodies, delicate beats, and minimal grooves. The journey begins with the spacey, delayed synths and drifting atmosphere of "Fluss ins Nichts" which is followed by the dub-tinged title track "Blüte seines Lebens" rich in synthesized melodies and intricate beats. Passing the halfway mark the tempo slows and the beats become more fragmented with the arrival of "Bluntest in Basel" in which floating keyboard pads and jazzy organ riffs combine to give this track a distant, wistful tenor. Concluding the journey, is the idyllic "Shadows o­n Wooded Beach" whose blithe keyboards melodies, gliding synths, light beats, and delicate metallic-staccato percussion delivers a lounge-like ambiance.

An enjoyable, mellow mid-summer release for your listening pleasure compliments of Das Kraftfuttermischwerk and netlabel Thinner.


geschrieben von: dr1ft am Wednesday, September 05, 2007 - 03:26 PM (2965 Aufrufe)

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