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Psychedelic Favorites

Topic: Releases

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Goa Trance: New Goa-Trance Compi w/ e-mantra, Filteria, Goasia,

This is the first chapter of the upcoming Dimensional Galaxy series.
With pleasure, we would like to present to you, the universal journey with the Dimensional Records crew.


01. E-Mantra - Soul Searcher
02. Ajna - Steps to Heaven
03. Goasia - Solar Storm
04. Filteria - Big Blue (Live Version)
05. Hypnagogia - Secrets of the Mind
06. Liquid Flow - Land of Time
07. Goasia - Zero Gravity
08. Shakta - Planet to Planet
09. Jikooha - Pure Deliverance

Get the Release here

Dimensional Records is a young label, but with an old and well experienced team behind it. As you had the pleasure to enjoy in our previous three official releases, so far, we hope that this one will bring you the same joy and happiness during its consumption. The theme of this compilation, as you can imagine, is the Universe, the uncharted space where mixed waves of quality music flows. This time, in this first chapter, 10 well-trained cadets selected for this mission, and will take you on a ride trough the planets of the known and unknown universe.

Artists Info:

Liquid Flow

Team selectors: Kanc Cover & DJ Chakras

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Monday, September 05, 2011 - 05:04 PM (14168 Aufrufe)

Goa Trance: New Suntrip Rec. Temple of Chaos released !

Yeah!, ...the second Suntrip Compilation in 2010 is out. "Temple of Chaos" featuring a true acidic journey into Goa-Trance 2010 ! "Temple of Chaos" features wellknow Goa-Trance Artist´s as Filteria, Khetzal who show thier talents in very very energetic tracks. "Suntrip shows  that modern Goa trance is not only about morning atmospheres... Now, we are proud to present our night-story of modern Goa trance!" Nowadays the most festivals and partys play usually dark or something similar at night. But there is also the possibility to play true Goa-Trance at night. Just try the experience ! The tracks on the new suntrip release of Khetzal , Daimon and KOB + Filteria show you the way ; )

Pre listen and order the release here on Suntrip Records Goa Trance Shop


01. Khetzal - Rosin Memories [07:49]
02. K.O.B. - Lost Belly (Of Civilization) [09:06]
03. Daimon - Codex [09:47]
04. Moonweed & Shakta - Perfect Invisibility [08:11]
05. Merr0w - Citrus Circus [08:11]
06. Filteria - Illogical Logic [08:35]
07. Crossing Mind - Cyclone in your Heart [08:39]
08. Nebula Meltdown - Encrypted Illusion [11:32]

Total playing time: [72:48]

Mastering : Tim Schuldt @ 4CN studios
Style : Acidic Goa Trance

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Thursday, June 24, 2010 - 03:34 PM (18681 Aufrufe)

Goa Trance: New Suntrip Compilation - Energy Waves released

suntrip records energy waves goa trance

Yeah !!! a new compilation from Suntrip Records arrived today my hardrive via flac download directly from the suntrip online store ;  ) So i dont have to wait for any cd delivery but i think i will order the cd also soon ...


1 Mindsphere - The Awakening
2 Astrancer - Inhabitants of the Sun (Gnostic Theory)
3 KhetzaL - Indian Attic (E-Mantra's Tellurian Remix)
4 Somnesia vs PharaOm - God's Tears
5 Liquid Flow - Reformation
6 Astrancer - Athanaton
7 Antares - Eureka
8 RA - Time Current (Silver Remix)
9 Space Elves - Anjuna Beach

Release Date : Mar 26, 2010
Total time : 76:42
Style : Melodic Goa Trance
Mastering : Tim Schuldt @ 4CN-Studio
Artwork : Margot Schaefer, Mars, Anoebis
Cat no : SUNCD18
Barcode : 5 060147 125627
Format : CD Copies pressed : 1000

Words "The Energy Wave is a disturbance, that propagates through space and time, usually with transference of positive energy!" And positive energy we bring! Suntrip starts 2010 with a compilation filled with 9 positive, dreamy, melodic sunrise tracks for magical dancefloor moments! Like usual, our compilations are a mix between established and new talents! As a Suntripper, you’ll recognise Mindsphere for sure. He starts with a beautiful atmospheric downtempo track, followed by a morning masterpiece from the Brazilian talent Astrancer. After that, E-Mantra’s remix of Khetzal’s classic “Indian Attic” gives more drive and power to the compilation. Now you’re ready to discover new shapes and horizons, you’ll enjoy 2 storming tracks by Suntrip-debuts Liquid Flow and French Somnesia vs PharaOm. Then let’s get back to dreamland again: Astrancer and Antares made beautiful ethereal tracks willed with positivism. RA and Space Elves finish the compilation with very deep emotional-to-euphoric trancy music! Be prepared for more energy: this compilation is actually the first episode of a dual release. The second part, called “Temple of Chaos” will spring up later this year and will concentrate on darker, more twisted and acidic Goa trance!

Get it here on Suntrip Records Music Download Store or here

    * Saikosounds
    * Psyshop
    * Beatspace
    * Goastore




geschrieben von: dr1ft am Tuesday, March 30, 2010 - 02:34 PM (14224 Aufrufe)

Favorites: artha

Artha – Fluori Dolby

1. Signs
2. Astral Body
3. DNA
4. Sannjasin (Remix)

Download links:

Artha a very talented producer from Poland has been around for a few years now, performing extensively and spreading his recorded live sets on the internet. Slowly but surely he gained in reputation as a brilliant producer, composing original music which redefines psychedelic goa trance. As a teaser for his upcoming album, Influencing Dreams, Cronomi Records is releasing a free-to-download EP. The tracks on this EP are a preview of Artha’s exquisite music, showing some new tunes together with remakes of old and known tracks.

We are happy to have him for our twisted ~ festival on the 1st of May in Berlin. ; )

Artha - Fluori Dolby

All tracks written and produced by Michał Bączek. Mastered by Colin Bennun.
Released in 2010 by Cronomi Records. Artwork by Insidelamp.

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 06:12 PM (14205 Aufrufe)


Plexus released "2010" Album. A Journey into Goa-Trance 2010.

Plexus aka Raul is one half of Creatrix . He is producing now since over 10 years.

Now his own label RECRYSTALLIZE RECORDS released - RR1ALBD002

" - WORLDWIDE CONNECTION  - PLEXUS - 2010 [Digital Album]"
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Tuesday, January 19, 2010 - 01:04 PM (10218 Aufrufe)

Goa Trance: OiG - VA Art From The Heart


OiG is back in business. This time Gai Edri, The Wonderboy,  which leads this group of Goa Trance freaks, has collected some new tracks and some never-heard-before and unreleased tracks. All this was compiled into our new release "Art From The Heart". 

This new compilation comprises some of the most refreshing Goa Trance out there, made with love, right out of the artist's heart - just like the name suggests.

This compilation is free and the downloading of it is completely legal.  This release should be distributed anywhere and everywhere on the globe that the internet can       reach.   This one is dedicated to you, old-school Goa Trance lovers.
OiG - Old is Gold    - Download OiG "Art From the Heart" here on Ektoplazm


geschrieben von: dr1ft am Tuesday, November 24, 2009 - 03:36 PM (9623 Aufrufe)

Favorites: New Vertigo Rec. Delirious Noon Debut + Free Wav Track



The new Debut Album from Delirious Noon (Ru) also well known as "Furious" on Vertigo is really something very fresh in my bored ears. ; )  If you listen to the Promo Track you would be positive surprised by the energy and lots of things happen at the same time in this music . This is really tricky and deep fullon morning psy in 2009 ! > big respect to the artist ! > Furious + whoop

 Vertigo Records proudly presents a debut album of Delirious Noon – fresh morning sound from Russia.

 Delirious Noon is a bright side of Nikolai Golutvin – aka Furious, well-known name in dark-trance scene. He has been working on Delirious Noon project for about year and a half and already released a few tracks on Vertigo’s compilations “25th Frame” and “Omnipresence”.
Now it’s time to hear “Launch for Lanсtus”! Lanctus – is an imaginary planet which occasionally came into Nikolai’s mind and left its trace as music. You can also take a journey to this planet and get to hear its twirling melodies, floating grooves and powerful bass-lines.

As Delirious Noon artist’s talent found an expression in making morning trance as well as night music. All 9 killer-tracks are perfectly made and mastered. Ready to explode dancefloors around the Universe!

 Track list:

1. Delirious Noon and Whoop – Baraka
2. Delirious Noon – New Energy
3. Delirious Noon - Great
4. Delirious Noon – Quasar
5. Delirious Noon – Tripping Queen Bell
6. Delirious Noon – Power Moves
7. Delirious Noon – String Art
8. Delirious Noon feat Whoop da Charlottka – Halo
9. Delirious Noon feat Whoop – Reality Gliders ( free mp3 / free wav )

 This is Track No. 9 from the Debut Album of Delirius Noon feat. Whoop / Vertigo Records.

> Free Wav Download  : Delirious Noon feat  Whoop :  "Reality Gliders" ( Right - Click - Save )

> Free mp3 Download  : Delirious Noon feat  Whoop :  "Reality Gliders" ( Right - Click - Save )


Thanx to Vertigo Rec. for the exklusive full wav track only here on Psypix.org

check out more track previews from this killer debut album here on >

http://www.saikosounds.com/ & http://arabesque.com

geschrieben von: dr1ft am Sunday, January 25, 2009 - 09:21 PM (15442 Aufrufe)

Goa Trance: Free GOA LIVESET artha (poland) stay psychedelic crew

Artha - Live at (L)ets(S)ee(D)ragon (18-04-2008) (right click - save as)

or go to http://staypsychedelic.pl/fusion/downloads.php?cat_id=4

01. Artha - Vocal Distortion
02. Artha - Signs
03. Artha - Arthosaur
04. Artha - Saikol
05. Artha - Awatara
06. Artha - Controlled
07. Artha - Mystic Change
08. Artha - Mahabharta
09. Artha - DNA

check this video also : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osAaAvCqFcw


ARTHA. Born in 1979 in Poland.

style: goa-trance, psychedelic-trance

I became acquainted with eletronic music as a child listening to artists like Jean Michel Jarre or Vangelis. It was through electronic, techno, trance and listening to Hallucinogen's "Twisted" album that I discovered psychedelic trance. Hallucinogen, S.U.N. Project, Space Tribe, Pleiadians - these were my beginnings in psychedelic sounds.


Artha is a STAY PSYCHEDELIC member - creative polish psytrance project





geschrieben von: dr1ft am Thursday, January 08, 2009 - 07:30 PM (9079 Aufrufe)

Favorites: Cybernetika - New Release Nanospheric
Cybernetika presents Nanospheric

Germanys most talented "Newcomer" Producer in the last Years with a deep sense for tru & deep GOA-Trance vibes. Njoy the new ALbum and check the last 3 Albums also !!!

All free - All killer !

:: Plasmoid (14:47)
02 :: The Outer Reach (10:44)
03 :: Earthshock (12:44)
04 :: Nanospheric (15:01)
05 :: Praeforma (8:27)
06 :: Finale (8:23)

Nanospheric is the fourth album from Cybernetika, an independent German producer from Cologne. Since 2003 he has been writing many different types of electronic music with science fiction influences: psychedelic trance, techno, industrial, and drum ‘n bass. Hints of these other styles can be heard on Nanospheric, but it is primarily an atmospheric psytrance album with a heavy emphasis on story-telling. Cybernetika begins the tale with a virtual epigram:

“Both universe and infinitesimal particle, the Nanospheric is an abstract construct beyond our imagination and comprehension. It is a machine deity that forms matter in its own will.”

This album was written in FL Studio, mastered with Wavelab, and features cover artwork by Angie Fouquette.

Download here in Wav / flac / mp3 via Ectoplazm

more free music hrer on http://www.cybernetika.de/


geschrieben von: dr1ft am Thursday, January 08, 2009 - 04:51 PM (10727 Aufrufe)

Goa Trance: Spiral Connection - New Psy/Goa track by Q.P.A

Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio
Song Name:
Spiral Connection [No Cycles, only Spirals]
Length: 06:21 min
Psychedelic/Goa Trance
Cover Art: Alahuin
Free Download:
Full length song, 192kbps mp3 (requires registering with my site)
2 min Preview: Click here (Direct link to mp3 file)
Full length Previews:

My comment:
Definitely Goa inspired. Melancholia and minor arpeggios. Floating in the Gothic psy ether. If this isn't psytrance I will eat my old socks. Enjoy!

geschrieben von: qubenzis am Wednesday, January 07, 2009 - 05:14 PM (6608 Aufrufe)

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