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Topic: Interviews

The new items published under this topic are as follows.

Video-Download Interview with Highko
Highko (DJ and Psytrance Producer) from Germany

Highko is a psychedelic trance musician from Berlin , who startet djing in the year 2000 while he was o­n vacation in Thailand. He makes a very intensive psy trance music which people define as dark psychedelic trance. He himself doesn’t like the term dark and in the interview he is talking a little bit about the reason for that. He is also explaining if he still believes in the trance party as a shamanic ritual and in the famous slogan Peace Love Unity Respect o­n the psychedelic trance gatherings.

Highko ist ein Psychedelic Trance Artist aus Berlin, der zu der sogenannten Dark Psy Fraktion gehört. Er selber definiert seinen Stil eher als „intensive schnelle Trance Musik“ und mag den Begriff Dark nicht. Im Interview spricht er darüber, ob er immer noch an dem Leitmotiv Peace Love Unity Respect glaubt und ob er die Trance Party als ein Trance Ritual bezeichnen würde.

Language: English

Link: Video-Download Interview with Highko
(47 MB *.mp4 FileDownload / rechte Maustaste / Ziel speichern... | right mouse click, save as...)

via http://www.psy-film.com/video/trance.htm

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Goa Gil (Godfather of Goatrance ) Video Interview

Goa Gil is worldwide known as the Godfather of Goa Trance. He is not o­nly an internationally known musician and a DJ, but also a person with a very deep spiritual background as a hindu sadhu. For him the party is sacred and he calls his party concept " Redefining the ancient tribal ritual for the 21st Century". At his psychedelic trance gatherings he uses the same tools for inducing a trance state of consciousness as those used in the traditional religious rituals of the sadhus

This documentary includes a very deep interview with Goa Gil

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Lost Buddha : Free Goa Trance Ep Release + Interview


Catalog: MPREP01
Genre: Goa
Format: CD Slim Case (MP3 192kpbs)
Price : Free (Avaiable for Download)
Current Status: Released

01. (00:09:08) Lost Buddha - Ataraxia 144BPM
02. (00:09:34) Lost Buddha - Southern Oracle 141BPM



Playing Time.........: 00:18:42

(C)2006 Written and Produced by Filipe Santos

Interview > "my 1st album will be o­n Metapsychic Records (for free) " 

kim0: First,introduction time. Just tell more about you.

Hehehe,ok. I am Filipe , i have 22 years old and im from Lisbon , Portugal , currently living o­n Northern Ireland.

kim0: What do u think,can Goa hit back?

I always believed in the "Ressurection" , always believed o­n it since i started to produce goa . i always have been bashed by the portuguese fullon producers saying that : "its old , nobody likes that! " or "you´ll never be able to be released with that music." these are o­nly a small percentage of the quotes i have in mind , but i always struggled for what i like , what i love ,i have to show what the movement needs , not what the public say i need , because i am the artist and i have the power.
Goa can hit back indeed , i am sure that are so many people out there in the world that love the old style and the old sounds that brought so much to them , so yes i believe we can have our small corner and simply have fun and enjoy 

kim0: Now,lets talk about music. How did it all start and why?

It started back in 96-97 when i was in school , i was crazy about electronic sounds , and i was specially insane by the TB-303 sound , the ACID (in that time i didnt know what was it called). Then a school mate of my class gave me a tape , i used to use a tape walkman in that time too (oh yea the good ol´times hehe) , then i started to listen to the tape and then i got sooo damn amazed by the melodies because they were arabic , egyptian , eastern melodies, and i was so in love with those melodies that i instantly fell in love with that music , i never got to know what was that genre of music , i even asked my school mate but he didnt know cause it was o­ne of his brother´s tapes.
Then after a lot of listenings the tape got wrecked and i never got to know what was that music genre till i met a friend of my brother´s in the year 2000 , he got this VA-Goa Head vol-12 , as soon as i listened to RA- Initiated , i got to know what was that music i had o­n tape and then boom , thats how i got to know it was called "Goa-Trance".

I decided to make goa-trance cause i simply loved the harmony in the music and the eastern melodies . That was the enough to give me the feeling to start doing it by my way , cause sometimes i was listening to some goa tunes and i always tought : "if it would be me i would do this in the song , i would to that o­n the song .." etc..

kimo: And can u tell us who is ur Goa God,who influenced you the most?

All of the artists.

Cause everyone contributed to what i am now , I love Asia 2001 , Miranda , RA , Cyan , Cosmosis , Psygone , MFG , Space Tribe , Hallucinogen , Transwave ,Amanite FX , almost all of them really , i have no Goa God , just because all of them are the Goa Gods. 

kim0: So where do you find inspiration for melodies?

Nowhere really , most of the people are always saying i sound like this artist , that artist ,but the thing is that all the melodies i do come from me , i have to admit i was heavly influenced by the old skool sound , but nowadays i barely listen to Goa music , most of the times i just sit o­n the computer and start composing . Then the music just starts building by itself! 
kim0: yeah,u dont have problems with that,for sure

Yeah, I dont. 

Its good if sometimes people say i remind them MFG or any other group , thats o­ne of the reasons i produce goa , its always good to feel some nostalgia. 

Full Interview > click more !


geschrieben von: dr1ft am Friday, February 23, 2007 - 09:34 PM (6360 Aufrufe)

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