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Favorites: Spiral Tribe > Forward the Revolution > Make FREE Festivals <
geschrieben von: dr1ft am Sunday, September 16, 2007 - 05:57 PM
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<A href="http://www.spiraltribe.com/" target=_blank><IMG height=200 alt="" src="http://www.uncivilizedworld.com/images/projets/WTA_sarajevo.jpg" width=250>

Forward the Revolution > make FREE PSY / GOA / ALL Subculture Festivals !

Spiral Tribe is the legendary Free Sound System from the UK

Download Full Spiral Tribe Video "Forward the Revolution" here

more stuff >

<TD class=premierecolonne><IMG alt=SpiralTribe-VieuxMix.mp3 src="http://acid23.free.fr/icones/medias.gif"><TD class=secondecolonne>SpiralTribe-VieuxMix.mp3<TD class=troisiemecolonne>41 Mo<TD class=quatrimecolonne> <TD class=cinquiemecolonne>Fichier mp3<TD class=sixiemecolonne>19/06/2005 04:47 pm<TD class=premierecolonne><IMG alt=Spiral_Tribe_-_Breach_The_Peace.avi src="http://acid23.free.fr/icones/medias.gif"><TD class=secondecolonne>Spiral_Tribe_-_Breach_The_Peace.avi<TD class=troisiemecolonne>35 Mo<TD class=quatrimecolonne> <TD class=cinquiemecolonne>Fichier avi<TD class=sixiemecolonne>19/10/2005 10:52 pm<TD class=premierecolonne><IMG alt=Spiral_Tribe_-_In_Australia.avi src="http://acid23.free.fr/icones/medias.gif"><TD class=secondecolonne>Spiral_Tribe_-_In_Australia.avi<TD class=troisiemecolonne>21 Mo<TD class=quatrimecolonne> <TD class=cinquiemecolonne>Fichier avi<TD class=sixiemecolonne>19/10/2005 08:42 pm<TD class=premierecolonne><IMG alt=SPIRAL_TRIBE_-_TeKos95@Fontainebleau.avi src="http://acid23.free.fr/icones/medias.gif"><TD class=secondecolonne>SPIRAL_TRIBE_-_TeKos95@Fontainebleau.avi<TD class=troisiemecolonne>45 Mo<TD class=quatrimecolonne> <TD class=cinquiemecolonne>Fichier avi<TD class=sixiemecolonne>19/10/2005 11:03 pm<TD class=premierecolonne><IMG alt=Spiral_tribe_TeknoCirkus2001@Barcelone.avi src="http://acid23.free.fr/icones/medias.gif"><TD class=secondecolonne>Spiral_tribe_TeknoCirkus2001@Barcelone.avi<TD class=troisiemecolonne>14 Mo<TD class=quatrimecolonne> <TD class=cinquiemecolonne>Fichier avi<TD class=sixiemecolonne>19/10/2005 09:10 pm

<FONT color=#ff0000>Check out the Spiral Tribe > Travelling Soundsystem DVD Release 
<IMG height=354 alt="" src="http://www.uncivilizedworld.com/images/projets/WTA_cover_US.jpg" width=250><FONT color=#ff0000> 

<DIV class=titre_noir><FONT color=#ff0000><SPAN class=surligne>World Traveller Adventures - DVD released by http://www.uncivilizedworld.com !!!

A collection of 4 documentaries o­n the Free party movement<DIV class=indent>The Free Party was born in the UK. It was the result of a synergy between New Age travellers (an alternative movement of nomads), squatters encouraged by Thatcher's repression to leave the cities, along with clubbers frustrated by the closure of clubs and the early raves... The peace-loving New Age traveller movement was shaken by a brutal attack by the police o­n the 1st June 1985, o­n a convey in the direction of Stonehenge. 140 vehicules were immobilised by the police, many others were destroyed or conviscated, the occupants beaten or detained. accross Europe, and inspiring others to follow their example.

Between 1988 and 1990, acid house becomes ever more popular and clubs are targeted for repression. The first rave sound-systems leave the cities and their raver-followers meet the travellers at the big summer festivals. The first collaboration takes place at the Glastonbury festival in 1989. The 1992 Avon Free Festival at Castlemorton is the first free underground large-scale techno festival. The event is a catalyst which galvanizes the enthusiasm of thousands of participants determined to party according to this new ritual, in defiance of English law. accross Europe, and inspiring others to follow their example.

On 3rd November 1994 the British Parliament votes in Section 63 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, outlawing any gathering of people more than 100 people accompanied by amplified music which "includes sounds wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats." accross Europe, and inspiring others to follow their example.

Exasperated by developing situation, the British authorities start to arrest large numbers in the traveller community. Several members of Spiral Tribe, pioneers of the rave movement are arrested. After their trial, they decide to expatriate to France, spreading their spirit of freedom and music accross Europe, and inspiring others to follow their example.

Their goal is to cross borders and export this music through political protest or cultural exchange. Some leave to explore the South-American continent, while others go to Africa, Eastern Europe, the United States, Australia, Asia .. the World Traveller Adventure was born.. United around the same beliefs, techno travellers denounce the enslavement of man by machines and advocate respect for the environment. In their atypical parties, repetitive music is reunited with its original taste of dissent. Their motto: 'Let the music never stop'. Their obsession : secrecy. Although the hundreds of nomadic tribes wandering Europe since the early 90's know the exact locations of the parties, they are difficult to find. The location, date and hours of the parties are known by o­nly a handful of people a few hours before the start. The flyer is just a simple piece of paper passed from person to person, with the number of a telephone message service which announces the itinerary (infoline). Secret codes o­n the internet open the virtual doors of this techno underground.

  <SPAN class=petit><FONT color=#ff0000>+ more: <A href="http://www.worldtravelleradventures.org/" target=_blank><FONT color=#ff0000>www.worldtravelleradventures.org

<SPAN class=surligne>Buy DVD ///

<A href="http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000AOFB4G?ie=UTF8&tag=mixtapesde-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B000AOFB4G" target=_blank><IMG height=19 alt="Spiral tribe dvd" src="http://www.uncivilizedworld.com/images/amazon_logo.gif" width=65 border=0>

<FONT color=#ff0000>more Infos about spiral Tribe here > <FONT color=#ff0000>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiral_Tribe

  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.spiral-tribe.org href="http://www.spiral-tribe.org/" rel=nofollow>Archive site
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.spiraltribe.com href="http://www.spiraltribe.com/" rel=nofollow>Spiral Tribe o­n Myspace
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.fantazia.org.uk/Scene/freeparty/spiraltribe.htm href="http://www.fantazia.org.uk/Scene/freeparty/spiraltribe.htm" rel=nofollow>Spiral Tribe article and interview from Fantazia
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.beyondtv.org/beyondtv/page.php/376/soma/ href="http://www.beyondtv.org/beyondtv/page.php/376/soma/" rel=nofollow>A first-hand account of the events surrounding Castlemorton
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.elektrokanibal.org/flyer23.html href="http://www.elektrokanibal.org/flyer23.html" rel=nofollow>Gallery of Spiral Tribe flyers
  • <A class="external text" title=http://parties.are.free.fr/flyers/spiraltribe.html href="http://parties.are.free.fr/flyers/spiraltribe.html" rel=nofollow>Another gallery of Spiral Tribe flyers
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Spiral+Tribe href="http://www.discogs.com/artist/Spiral+Tribe" rel=nofollow>Spiral Tribe discography from Discogs
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.uncivilizedworld.com/WTA_en.php3 href="http://www.uncivilizedworld.com/WTA_en.php3" rel=nofollow>World Traveller Adventurers DVD
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.expressillon.com/ href="http://www.expressillon.com/" rel=nofollow>Network 23 Repress
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.network23.org/ href="http://www.network23.org/" rel=nofollow>Network 23
  • <A class="external text" title=http://freepartypeople.wordpress.com/ href="http://freepartypeople.wordpress.com/" rel=nofollow>Reminiscences about Spiral Tribe parties, flyer gallery, record reviews
  • <A class="external text" title=http://www.loftsites.co.uk/old_school_rave/ href="http://www.loftsites.co.uk/old_school_rave/" rel=nofollow>Party memories and photos including Spiral Tribe

<SPAN class=mw-headline>See also

<A href="http://www.spiraltribe.com/" target=_blank>

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